Stay Inspired With Us: Styling Our Latest Vintage Finds

Stay Inspired With Us: Styling Our Latest Vintage Finds

If there is one thing our team at Rolling Greens loves as much as plants,
it is vintage home décor.

The RG look that we have carefully crafted over the years is a blending of old and new pieces that work harmoniously together to create a sophisticated yet eclectic lifestyle aesthetic. Take a look at some of the incredible pieces that we found on our latest vintage buying trip styled in the home of one of our co-founders! These pieces and similar ones can be found at both of our nurseries




Our design team had so much fun styling Laurie's home! We have such an affinity for beautiful old pieces, and we love bringing them back to our stores for you all to enjoy. Investing in a timeless vintage piece can add a rare touch to your home or garden. We hope this inspires you to accent your space with one... or several of our antique pieces!

Hunting for these finds in the middle of nowhere in Texas experience! One that definitely has a special place in our hearts. We shop for a wide range of decor and garden accessories and what we find each trip gives our stores new life. For instance this primitive blue dresser can be styled in a number or ways. We chose to place this in Laurie's entryway to give the space a pop of color. It's unique and has a beautiful patina and makes a statement which are qualities we are always on the lookout for when it comes to home décor.

Willy Guhl silhouettes are very popular at the moment and we love hunting for the older looking pieces with chipping paint or maybe some moss growing on the edges. We love planting them with harder to find specimen plants topped with rocks or moss. In addition to greek oil jars, vintage urns, candle sticks, pillows, and baskets, you can always count on our stores to have a few Willy Guhl pieces.

With all the new projects coming up for us this year, starting with our new retail nursery in Studio City, we cannot wait to keep you all inspired! Stay tuned on our Instagram to stay up-to-date with all things Rolling Greens. 

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