Thank you for choosing Rolling Greens for your plant purchase.

Each plant is a living thing whose needs vary by the conditions of its environment…and as such, each plant’s care needs also vary by its specific environment. It’s safe to say that most plants want good light, reasonable air circulation and ample water when appropriate.

A general rule for watering plants is to check the soil around the roots before each application of water. We suggest feeling deep into the soil to gauge the plant’s current moisture level prior to watering. It’s also important to note that sufficient watering means saturating the soil until it’s completely moist instead of watering on a more frequent basis.

Every plant has a general lighting requirement from low to high light.  It is important to gauge the available light in your space before selecting a plant. Our staff can help determine suitable higher and lower light plants for you.

While we would love to provide you with specific plant care instructions for every purchase, instead we suggest researching the items you purchased using the following respectable sources for generic information regarding plant care:

For our DIY Planter tutorial click the link below: