This Just In! Exploring Our New Summer Collections

This Just In! Exploring Our New Summer Collections

As a high-end nursery and home decor retailer, it is our job to bring as much nature and beauty into your life as possible. When it came to choosing our 2022 summer collections, there were two trends that inspired us the most. 


Terra Cotta

Summer wouldn’t be complete without terra cotta, especially with the return of our most popular aged terra cotta collection! We have always been fascinated by the natural moss that grows on these beautiful pieces due to the lagoon-harvested clay. At the moment, this collection is available only at our Culver City nursery. Stay in touch with us on Instagram to see when these containers hit the shelves at our other Los Angeles nurseries.

RG CARE TIP: Once planted, the natural aging process continues to evolve, creating a varied texture of vibrant mosses. Just make sure to keep them out of direct sunlight to maintain their color.

Our Los Angeles nurseries are never lacking terra cotta containers. In addition to our aged collection, we have our Galestro clay terra cotta pots. They are handmade with love from Italy and are available at both of our stores for a limited time. We love the fact that these beautiful containers encourage proper drainage for all plant types, and the high-quality clay holds in necessary moisture.

PRO-TIP: The different tones and textures of this collection make it easy to mix and match them together to create your own individual look.  

Muted Summer Toned Candles

No matter the weather, we always love having a candle nearby. When we came across these large-scale candles in different shades of yellow, red, and orange, we had to have them on our shelves. Each candle is handmade in Belgium, and their contemporary design allows them to pair beautifully with any tablescape. 

RG CARE TIP: Don't forget to trim the wick! Whether it's the first burn or the 30th, trimming your wick will ensure a clean and even burn. Try to be as precise as possible. Cutting the wick too short will make it very difficult to light the candle at all. We suggest keeping the wick length around 0.25 inches. 


We hope you all love these summer collections as much as we do. Make sure to show us how you incorporate them into your home by tagging us on Instagram with #RGathome. 

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