One Hotel

One Hotel

The One Hotel Weho landscape renovation was designed with the goal of bringing lush California landscaping into the middle of the bustling city. We created an oasis for visitors and locals alike.



The design intent was inspired by warm, earthy elements such as redwood, brick, and decomposed granite which were used throughout the space. The Rolling Greens Landscape design team worked alongside architecture firm, Rios Clemente Hale. We designed a drought-tolerant, native-driven palette representing the natural, imperfect beauty of coastal California.

Large scale semi-deciduous trees were chosen for the ‘Canyon’, creating a canopied walkway using soft blues, greens, silvers, native ornamental grasses, and and a subtle burst of orange with the delicate California poppy to mimic the appearance of a meadow using decomposed granite as a pathway between the canopies to take feeling even one step further.

The Courtyard served to represent a coastal reprieve, playing off the rolling landscapes of Santa Barbara, Ojai, and Santa Ynez. We decided to use large, field dug Olive trees as the anchor for the circular entryway with soft mounding at the base creating added dimension, guiding the eye upwards towards the gorgeous canopy and string art installation. In addition to the large Olives, we wrapped the space with Star Jasmine and Bower Vine to spill over and add movement and softness around the entire perimeter.

Lastly, the pool deck was inspired by the glamorous side of California. We chose to use a classic palette of whites, purples, and various shades of green for a soft layered look. The palette consisted of Iceberg Roses, Jasmine, and pops of purple using Sage, Echium and the pollinator-friendly Nepeta. The mix of blooms envelope the space and the soft climbing vines add fun juxtaposition and whimsy to the hotel's otherwise modern architecture. Olive trees were planted in vintage wine barrels along the pool deck framing the endless city views, connecting the palette throughout the property. The beautiful containers used for this project were created custom for this client and are unfortunately unavailable in our stores.

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