Introducing Our 2022 Fall Collections!

Introducing Our 2022 Fall Collections!

Happy fall, everyone! Our stores are overflowing with seasonal decor. For this autumnal season, we designed three captivating collections.


From natural textures to decor that transitions easily throughout each holiday, a lot of thought goes into curating our Rolling Greens seasonal displays.

Soft California

Those of you who base your home design around neutrals will love  Soft California. Our design team wanted a collection that had natural textures and elements to it. Our team was also determined to include a fall collection that effortlessly transitioned into year-round faux decor. We accomplished that with ivory pompous grass and wooden garlands. We also included some adorable wooden pumpkins. 

Decorating tip: We recommend pairing this collection with our indoor terra cotta containers and hand-woven baskets. 

A Moody Fall

Our next autumn collection is truly mesmerizing. The goal for A Moody Fall was to make a big statement with classic autumnal colors and a lot of jewel tones. This opulent collection features mustard-orange velvet pumpkins, burgundy faux dried roses, mauve faux ferns, and pompous grass.  

Decorating tip: Use this collection to curate beautiful faux floral arrangements for your kitchen island or tablescape. The soft pumpkins are a great decor item for seating areas. 

A Spooky Halloween + Live Pumpkins

We can say with confidence that this year’s Rolling Greens Halloween collection is our best one yet. It includes all of the staple characters like Día de los Muertos skulls, spiders, and ghosts, but with elevated designs and materials. Some of the more unique pieces include black rose candles and black wooden garlands. We also brought back your favorite pastel pumpkins in an array of sizes.

Decorating tip: A lot of the Halloween decor we featured works perfectly along mantles, coffee tables, and bookshelves.

The Rolling Greens fall festivities don’t stop at shopping. We also have two Succulent Pumpkin workshops this month! Join our Arrangement Bar Manager, Brianne on Saturday, October 15th, or Sunday, October 16th at our most popular workshop of the year. Hope to see you there! 

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