A Rolling Greens X Erewhon Thanksgiving

A Rolling Greens X Erewhon Thanksgiving

There has always been magnificent chemistry between Rolling Greens and Erewhon.


From being a small business to providing products that better your well-being, coming together and creating something inspiring for the autumnal season felt so right. When we learned about their Thanksgiving collection, we knew our stores would create the perfect energy to bring their vision to life.

This collaboration with Erewhon was also an opportunity for us to show all of you how to go about displaying your Thanksgiving feasts with some of our fall collections. In fact, our stores will be your one-stop shop for all of your holiday needs. Starting with our pantry filled with everything you could want to entertain in style. That includes tableware, candles, and charcuterie boards. 

In addition to our pantry assortment, you can create a captivating tablescape with our fall collections featuring faux-dried roses, velvet plush pumpkins, wooden garlands, and more! If you are searching for the perfect hostess gift, visit our Arrangement Bars for pre-made and custom arrangements.  


We cannot wait to see how you all incorporate our fall collections into your home. Make sure to post and tag us on Instagram so we can see! From everyone at Rolling Greens, we wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving.  

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