Indoor Plants You'll Love


The new year is the perfect time to update your home! What better way to liven up your interior space than with some brand new potted plants? Continue reading below to learn about our favorite indoor plants for this time of year!


English Ivy

This plant is incredibly versatile and can be planted in pots or hanging baskets. English Ivy is known for growing incredibly quickly and is perfect for filling a bare spot on an empty shelf or mantel piece. The plant requires an evenly moist environment, consistent temperature, and occasional pruning. 


Snake Plant

This succulent is incredibly low-maintenance and great for beginners. The plant has leathery, sword shaped leaves with yellow and white details. It has an incredibly dramatic and upright shape that will make a bold statement in your home. Research has also shown that these plants will help to keep the air inside your home clean, removing toxins like formaldehyde and benzene!


This plant is a favorite because it is very easy to grow and maintain. Additionally, it is one of the smaller houseplants so it doesn't take up very much space in the home. The peperomia plant has a very unique leaf shape that varies in both shape and color. The leaves can be heart shaped and narrow and can be green, red, or grey! The peperomia plant loves light and thrives in a bright area. They make the perfect addition to your kitchen counter or accent table!


Succulent Arrangement

A succulent arrangement is great because not only do the plants vary in color and texture, they require little maintenance. The Echeveria elegans below is a succulent evergreen perennial that has beautiful rosettes of pale green-blue leaves and is perfect for winter and spring. 

The green-blue Echeveria elegans succulent makes a statement in the pot on the far right. 

The green-blue Echeveria elegans succulent makes a statement in the pot on the far right. 

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