Why You Need a Terracotta Pot

Living in California we reap the benefits of beautiful weather almost everyday. This helps our gardens shine and grow to their fullest potential. Terra cotta pots fit into any landscape + garden with their neutral color and design. Continue reading for reasons why every California gardener needs to incorporate these pots into their landscaping!

While lighter pots are easier to transport, they move or break in certain weather conditions. A heavier pot can withstand California’s windiest days, especially when the Santa Ana winds are blowing.Terra Cotta pots are able to withstand this type of weather due to their heavier design. Although they are much lighter than stone or concrete pots, which makes them easier to transport.

Plant roots require oxygen to prosper. Clay pots are breathable which allow oxygen to enter the container, by doing this it aerates the soil. Also, they also absorb the extra moisture which prevent over-watering. This will ensure your plants live a long & healthy life.

Freezing weather can damage terra cotta pots by cracking and breaking. Since weather in California rarely drops below 60 degrees, we do not need to worry about weather damaging our pots. We can guarantee that our clay pots will last a long time. They are relatively cheap in price, which make them a quality purchase.

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We hope this helps the California gardener decide on what type of pots to use for their landscape and garden. Please visit one of our stores for more information and other pot designs!

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