Why You Need A Hanging Planter

As we’ve mentioned countless times on our blog, decorating with plants is one of the best (and cost efficient) ways to update your home. One big trend we’ve been seeing a lot of lately is hanging plants! And we’re so into it. Besides being a super cute way to decorate, hanging plants can come with many more advantages! Continue reading to learn about why we think hanging plants are a must in every home!


Whether you reside in a little apartment or spacious home, every square inch of your place counts. So rather than taking up floor space with a bulky planter, save some space and hang your plants from the ceiling! This could provide you with some extra inches for a side table or additional chair for example.

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It’s more likely you have more space on your ceiling than your floor, which allows you to have more plants in your house! You can hang multiple bundles of planters from your ceiling space, which will ultimately increase your air quality!


Hanging your plants in front of, or near a window will bring beautiful, cool light to the room. Light will reflect from the greenery of your plant, providing a fresh, inspiring environment.


Hanging plants not only provides you with a more creative space, but you’ll have so much fun actually creating your hangers! Not only will you now have a more creative space, you’ll have so much fun mixing and matching your hanging plants! You can bundle a few in a corner, or keep one all alone so it can really stand out.


Hanging a few planters throughout your house is almost like the segway into a jungalow style home.  It’s perfect because you don’t have to be fully committed to the jungalow style (which can be a little overwhelming).

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