Unique Vessels for Spring

RG Culver City-1310 We tend to put a lot of focus on the plants when talking about redecorating and plantscaping for Spring, but we can't forget about what you put the plants in!  The vessels you choose are just as important as the plants, both aesthetically and practically speaking. We are crushing on unique vessels this spring, with a diverse mix of size, materials, colors and shapes at our Culver City location!

RG Culver City-1195

Unless you plan on using faux florals, it's important to think about proper drainage, size, and shape for the location and type of plant you have in mind for the vessel. Any of our team members will happily assist you in picking the right fit for your needs. Once you have that set, you can move on to style!

RG Culver City-1208 RG Culver City-1200 RG Culver City-1217

Are you looking for a monochrome look, or something more colorful for summer? Fun & unique details like the skulls pictured above, or something more classic? Join us to pick something small to brighten up your desk, or large statement pieces for your back deck or patio. The beautiful white-dipped baskets below are one of our most versatile pieces for spring, with so many uses both indoor and out!

RG Culver City-1222

Join us in store to pick out your unique vessels, or join us at next month's Hand Lettering + Herb Planting Workshop to create your own hand lettered terra cotta pots for growing herbs!