Tips From Our Arrangement Bar

Our arrangement bar does it all. Now, we don’t mean to be biased, but seriously, talk to any of our “baristas” and you’ll get all the info on any of your plant needs. Not only is the arrangement bar a fun place to come do workshops, or customize a one-of-a-kind piece, our baristas provide great tips and tricks on how to take care of your special arrangement! Continue reading for some of our best advice for getting the most out of your arrangement!


To determine when your arrangement needs water, feel the soil for moisture. This may require that you remove some portion of the moss or topdressing. For dry soil, water the center of each plant so the water will penetrate down to the roots.  Remember to replace any moss or topdressing that was removed.


Remove yellow leaves promptly. Some plants may outgrow their container over time. In that case, transport them to a larger container and replace with younger plants.


When watering your arrangement, look under the leaves and on the soil for insects. Immediately treat any infestation with a water based insecticide, as pests generally multiply exponentially.


To maximize color year-round, remove any faced blooming plants from your arrangement and replace with another colorful plant. Depending on your arrangement’s surrounding environment the usual life expectancy for blooming plants is 2-3 weeks. Orchids may last 1-2 months or more.


The best place for your arrangement is indoors in a semi-bright to bright location. To avoid overheating and sun damage, do not place your arrangement in direct sunlight - indirect or filtered sunlight is best.


To determine how often you should water the orchids in your arrangement, check to see if your orchid is planted in bark or moss. If your orchid is planted in bark it may need to be watered every 7-10 days; if planted in moss, it may need to be watered every 12-14 days. Always check the status of your orchid before watering. Orchids flourish in humidity, was well diffused or indirect bright light.

We hope these little tips helped, and if you have any other questions make sure to stop by any of our Arrangement Bars!

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