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Spice It Up this Fall!

Cool weather is an automatic reason for warm, spicy food with tons of flavor! We headed to the pantry to see what recipe we could cure our spicy craving! We turned to Mighty Spice Express Cookbook by John Gregory Smith for this yummy soup, Vietnamese Bun Cha!

IMG_0154 copy

IMG_0162 copy

VietnameseBunChaIMG_0171 copy IMG_0176 copy

Mmmm, warm and delicious! We can't wait to make this to warm us up as the cool weather rolls in. We love these bowls with fleur de lis on them for serving. Happy Cooking!

Snack on These!

Cookies are one of the best snacks; sweet, portable, and extra delicious over a scoop of ice cream! We took another one of our Pantry favorites, Breakfast, Lunch, & Tea by Rose Carrarini and scoured the trendy pages for a yummy cookie recipe that is as unique as it is delicious. We came across these Almond, Cinnamon, & Meringue Biscuits and were hooked. Delicious over warm vanilla ice cream, no? IMG_0099 copyIMG_0106 copyCookieBiscuits

IMG_0109 copyIMG_0105 copy

This book includes recipes for over 100 of Rose Bakery’s (in London) most popular dishes, from breakfast staples such as crispy granola to afternoon treats, including sticky toffee pudding and carrot cake, as well as soups, risottos and other dishes perfect for a light lunch. We hope you enjoy your biscuits; Happy Baking!

Mmm, One-Pot Coconut Chicken!

Mmm, we love a delicious poultry recipe! With chicken being so universal, it's hard to mix it up in the kitchen with this lean protein. As the warm weather turns into light breezes and cooler temperatures, we knew that it was time to break out recipes that would warm anyone up in an instant! We turned to our trusty pantry and pulled a recipe for "One-Pot Coconut Chicken over Jasmine Rice" from Poulet: More than 50 Remarkable Meals that Exalt the Honest Chicken by Greg LaFavour.

IMG_9869 copyIMG_9852 copyOnePotCoconutChk OnePotCoconutChk2IMG_9858 copy IMG_9859 copy

Seriously delicious, right? It's such a flavor-filled dish that we had to share. What are some of your favorite Fall chicken recipes? Make sure you share with us! Happy Cooking!

Summer Green Thumb

Ah, Summer! We're enjoying this weather and the chance it gives us to get outside and into the Garden.  We've had some beautiful plants & flowers blooming around the store that we couldn't wait to pair with some of our new containers. This time of year is perfect for transferring and re-potting any plants in need of a new face lift, so we got right to work!

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Basil, Oregano, Peppers, and Cat Thyme are striking in these white containers! We added our stake herb markers complete with chalk accents to identify our garden friends. If you're in a gardening rut, propagate and divid some of your Spring-flowering perennials. Or get your green thumb started and sow up any of the following: English daisies, forget-me-nots, pansies, lettuce, kale, broccoli, cabbage, radishes, and arugula for Fall harvest!

Happy Gardening!

CJ'S Spiced Banana Pancakes

Mmm! Nothing beats a well made breakfast. With Mother's Day literally around the corner (May 11th in case you're behind on your calendar!) and we are totally smitten with making our Mothers a fabulous breakfast. Pancakes are fast, easy, and easily customizable to suit anyone's tastebuds. We chose this recipe from Flour, Too by  Joanne Chang for the simple goodness of a great pancake recipes with a little something special.

FLOURTOO Banana Pancakesphoto 5 (1)blog1

We hope you cook up something splendid for Mom this Mother's Day! If you're fresh out of recipe inspiration, stop by our Los Angeles location to shop our large selection of cookbooks in our Pantry. Happy Cooking!