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DIY Abstract Summer Coasters

Summer is setting in! We're excited for the beach-worthy weather and endless outdoor entertaining possibilities. With that in mind, we conjured up the simplest DIY with a one-of-a-kind look. These abstract Summer coasters only require 4 items and a little bit of time! Prep for the wave of compliments you'll receive the next time someone asks, "Where did you get these coasters?"

IMG_6036 copyIMG_5940 copy

What You'll Need:

- Four to five 4¼” X 4¼” square tiles in white - Opaque Craft Paint (We used Martha Stewart's Chalkboard paint for texture and opacity) - A few small paintbrushes - Krylon Short Cuts Gloss Finish for Hobby & Craft Paint

IMG_5984 copyIMG_5987 copy

Start by pouring a bit of paint into a palette or old piece of card stock. To create the abstract stipple effect,  dip your paintbrush into a small amount of paint and create short strokes similar to the shapes of tear drops. We alternated between liberal amounts of paint to very little amounts of paint.  You can create sections of the pattern like we did, or create the stipple effect across the whole tile! There is no wrong or right way to create these, each one is a piece of art!

IMG_6002 copy IMG_5994 copy

To create the paintbrush stroke tiles, dip your brush in paint and start about 1/4 of the way down from the top of the tile. From that point, drag your paintbrush straight down applying different amount of pressure while you paint. Start from different points on the tile for varying heights and continue across. The result is a super cool brush effect with different texture and opacities.

IMG_6011 copy

After your tiles have dried, spray them with the Gloss Finish to prevent the paint from flaking off and to seal the tile. To prevent scratches on your table, glue a piece of felt to the bottom of each tile in a complimenting color. Let the tiles dry, and you're done! We weren't kidding when we said it was the simplest DIY ever!

IMG_6046 copy IMG_6053 copy

Simple? Yes! A work of art? Absolutely! We think these cool hued tiles also make an excellent gift for Dad this Father's Day. With a cold bottle or glass of beer and an outdoor barbecue, who can complain? Happy DIY-ing!