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All About Pinterest: Greg's Page!


Rolling Greens Owner, Greg Salmeri, is infatuated with Pinterest. We're seriously not kidding! But as a creative mastermind who is bursting at the seams with innovative ideas, we definitely understand why! Pinterest has become an inspiration source for us; there's no shortage of inspiring photos and concepts that keep sparking up something new! Greg's page encompasses everything from dreamy landscapes to dramatic details that he might be thinking about for a new project or advertisement. Whatever he's pinning, it's always something stunning enough to drool over

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 8.35.08 AM


Greg's page features boards like Home Decor, Landscape, Furniture Refinishing, and Greenhouses. He recently created boards with a color theme that have some amazing pins & photos! Pins of chandelier crystals & hanging lanterns are currently popping up in his Advertisements board, while deep, dark florals consume Purple. We have a special love for his Home Decor board, there is always a stunning vignette or room we want all to ourselves!

page2GregsPinterest4GregsPinterest5The praise goes on and on about Greg's amazing pins! His recent Landscape finds are definitely a push to get out into the fresh air and add a new spin on a garden's design. Another love of Greg's? Patterns! His page is filled with amazing pattern finds, from wallpaper to prints of artwork and even more. A gold & blackDamask print is an absolute must!

Want to be just an inspired as the rest of us? Be sure to follow Greg on Pinterest!


Caring for Your Agave!

Still having trouble with cultivating that green thumb? We've got the perfect plant, fit for neglecting (really, we aren't kidding!) The Agave! They love the garden life just as well as being potted in containers. Their love for containers makes them an easy plant to grow in varying weather conditions year round, since they're easily portable! Architectural rosettes complete with spiny, succulent leaves create Agaves in varying sizes, from a small 1-ft. plant to a gigantic 10-ft. wide Agave. We've got the basic tips & tricks for cultivating your own.    IMG_9634 copy

TIP 1 | Agave will tolerate any well-draining soil, but are favorable towards a rocky or sandy soil. When establishing your agave outdoors, water it every 4-5 days the first month and then once a week. After your agave has adapted, you can stretch to watering every other week. (since we all know this drought it causing  gardens to suffer!)

IMG_9605 copy

TIP 2 | You don't need to feed these plants. Agave grow rather quickly and take care of themselves. (Which means: Yes! You can still grow Agave if you have a plant neglecting tendency! We won't tell.) When you feed your Agave, it tends to encouraging flowering, which you don't want to happen too soon.

IMG_9622 copy

TIP 3 | Agave are shallow-rooted plants; you can grow them in most containers since they don't need much soil. Be sure to use the well-draining soil when potting in containers so they get appropriate drainage. Repot them every 2-3 years with new soil, they can produce sucker roots that start to overcrowd the space; just cut them back down to size. Let it readjust a week or so until you begin to water again.

IMG_0311 copyIMG_9610 copy

TIP 4 | Although the Agave may seem like problem-free plants, there's still a few things to be careful of. They need a tremendous amount of light; if they don't get enough, they can become weak and become prone to fungus or parasites. If they have too much water, they may start rotting; the pale blue desert-loving species are most susceptible

IMG_9628 copy

Tip 5 | If you're a flowering succulent lover. This may not be the plant for you, since agave's flower only once and it usually signifies the end of the plant's life. Like we said, be careful with not feeding these plants. When they do flower, it's often quite impressive and allows you to collect the seed (which is also difficult to come by). Such a bittersweet time!

IMG_9632 copyIMG_9608 copy

With all the bases covered, you'll be an Agave-growing pro in no time! We hope you enjoyed a few more of the Rolling Greens Tips & Tricks. Time to head to the garden!

Our Spotlight: Sweet Rose Creamery!

We're pretty sure all of SoCal would scream for ice cream at this amazing spot! This week's vendor spotlight is Sweet Rose Creamery, a ice cream & coffee shop with three locations in Southern California and the most innovative ice cream flavors we've  ever tasted.

SweetRose   Josh Loeb & Zoe Nathan teamed up with esteemed chef Shiho Yoshikawa to launch Sweet Rose Creamery in 2010, giving LA some extremely bold & fun flavors to be excited about. They make their ice cream every day on site in small batches using only the best ingredients, like organic milk and cream from Clover Organic Farms and eggs from Chino Valley Ranchers. They're extremely focused on buying & supporting local producers & farmers to support and the community & utilized the ingredients in their freshest forms.

SweetRose2You'll never see them use any stabilizers in our ice cream bases, and we never use pre-mix bases for any of our products. Pasteurizing on site and starting recipes from scratch allows  Chef and Co-Owner, Shiho Yoshikawa, to have control over the variety and quality of the ingredients she chooses. Get this.. they  also make our own hand-made cones, frozen novelties (ike bonbons!!), cakes, pies, and toppings in house from scratch (except for sodas, sprinkles & coco nibs).


Their stores have 12+ ice cream flavors daily; plus yummy fruit pops, sundaes, milk shakes, & more, that are changed each month according to whats in season and fresh! They're always have a unique aspect to their flavors that is unexpectedly & extremely delicious. (Trust us!) Rose Creamery makes all of its ice cream at its kitchen location at 826 Pico and currently services a store at the same location, its original store at the Brentwood Country Mart and its newest store at 7565 Beverly Blvd (right next to us!)SweetRose

1.  Fig, Thomcord Grape, and Blackberry Sorbet! 2.  Bon Bons; Old Fashioned Vanilla / Early Grey ice cream dipped in Guittard chocolate. 3.  A warm Almond Latte. 4. An Affogato; espresso poured over an ice cream scoop of your choice! 5.  Summer Corn Ice Cream Sandwiches, who would have thought? (We've tried them, they're amazing!)

Sweet Rose will be at our Los Angeles Summer Marketplace this Saturday, August 2nd from 3pm-7pm dishing out some innovative and amazing flavors! Come shop, chat, and eat ice cream with us + Sweet Rose Creamery at our pop-up shop event! See you there!

Our Spotlight: Soko

Local artisans & small businesses have the non-replicable aspect of putting immense detail & purpose into every action they take and every service they provide. How can you manufacture the love put into a handmade piece of jewelry? Simply put, you just can't! With our LA Summer Marketplace this Saturday (we hope to see you there!) we had to share some of our vendors with you!

Soko is our special vendor who is teaming up with us for our special Pop-Up Shop event, and we're so excited to have them! We had to share what their company is all about and how their impacting the community.Soko1Soko2

Soko was created in 2012 by women for women to help “fashion a better world” through the equitable direct trade of beautiful goods between artisans in the developing world and web consumers worldwide. Working in bottom of the pyramid communities around the world, the Founders realized that by leveraging technology and existing infrastructure in an innovative way, they could create a platform to enable any talented artisan to participate in international trade. Recognizing a global need, as well as global opportunity, to disrupt these systemic patterns of poverty found across the developing world’s creative economy, 

The artisans you see above are just a few of the many talented individuals who created the beautiful jewelry & accessories available for purchase on Soko. Each has their own story and unique sense of culture that they inject into their craft. Each piece is one-of-a-kind; each has a story to tell. 


1. Colorblock Moja Choker | handcrafted by Wamaitha & David 2. Faceted Studs | handcrafted by Veronicah 3. Layered Bar Necklace (Brass) | handcrafted by Mulinge 4. Shine Bracelet | handcrafted by Boutique Mahali 5. Contrast Rectangle Earrings | handcrafted by Ojiko


 Pretty amazing! Want to become involved? You can; whether you want to be a retail partner, become an ambassador, or become a member of their team! Read all about it right here. You can shop & chat with Soko on Saturday, August 2nd from 3pm-7pm at our Los Angeles Summer Marketplace! See you there!