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Just in! Our Stylish Soaps.

Keeping squeaky clean (especially in this LA heat) has never been more significant, or as stylish as it is right now! We've had a recent infatuation with soaps; they re such necessary pieces of our lives, so why can't we bask in some of the prettiest & lovely smelling soaps there are? We've got an awesome selection of unique soaps, and just in: new La Savonnerie de Nyons soap!

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These vegetable soaps come straight from Nyons, France and are au natural at its finest. The factory that produces these soaps aim to bring the fine craftsmanship of Nyons across the globe while promoting wellness,  lovely scents, and all natural products.

These soaps will leave your skin amazingly soft and also have a scent that will linger deliciously on your skin for the day (at an even better price.) Local crops like lavender, olive oil, oranges, peaches, and more are harvested and used on these unique soaps. Before they're shipped off, each of the bars is finished with a hand stamp of the historic company logo!

soap_1 copy soap_2 copyFringe Soap has beautifully packaged bars that will spark up your bathroom and make an amazing gift for any occasion! They have delicately layered scents like Vanilla Orange and Blue Honeysuckle.

Duke Cannon Supply Co. has some of the coolest soaps we've ever seen, and their packaging is honestly brilliant. This soap is designed to meet the standards of high duty men (hence the "heavy duty") and are modeled after the rough cut, brick style of military soap used by GI's in the Korean War. Talk about masculinity at its finest! A bar of this soap would make the perfect addition to any man's shower.

If you're looking for the next soap to brighten up your day and help keep your skin as smooth as ever, stop by our Los Angeles store to shop from our many collections and scents!