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Aeonium Tips & Tricks.

Deep and striking shades of purple, arching stems, and perfect rosettes of leaves.. All the enticing aspects of the Aeonium! These succulents have fleshy, succulent leaves formed in lovely rosettes & contain around 35 species that can either grow low or grows a branched plants into shrubs. These cool succulents are on our radar and we're giving you a few tips & tricks on how to care for yours this season.

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 Aeonium are most native to the Canary Islands and therefore loves a moderate climate that isn't too dry, hot, or cold. It's important to give them full sun to partial shade and move indoors if your area receives a Fall or Winter frost. They can flourish during a moderate, moist winter, but are extremely sensitive to colder temperatures.

IMG_9649 copyaeonium_3 copy Aeonium need only a little bit of soil, making them great container plants (which also provides great mobility if you have to move them inside for colder weather!) Water them when the soil is dry, which you can check by inserting your finger into the soil, and do so every 7-10 days. In rainy or high-humidity areas you don't need to water them so frequently. Make sure to never allow water to accumulate in the crown or in the rosette, as it will start to rot.

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If the leaves of your Aeonium plant begin to curl up and die, then you have a problem with either watering or temperature. Try not to prune any of these discolored leaves unless they are dry and brittle. The Aeonium wilts dramatically as a defense mechanism and can fully recover with a bit of care!

aeonium_4aaeonium_2 copyThese beauties are so striking, whether you're choosing to opt for the intriguing shades of purple and burgundy or upbeat green. Even better? Mixing the two hues for a cool contrast. We hope you learned a few tips & tricks you can put to good use in your garden!