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A Touch of Silver.

Romantic gems & jewels come in all shapes & sizes; we're measuring ours in Silver Accents! Our Los Angeles store has some of the prettiest Silver pieces that we've ever seen, with each piece uniquely distinct from the rest due to extra rust or a mysterious charm. Whether on display in the kitchen or potted with succulents, our deep longing for these romantic silver accents keeps us coming back for more.

IMG_0347 copy IMG_1283_silver copy

Deep, dark, moody, and full of emotion. These silver pieces have so much history that wears away right on the surface. Just a touch of silver can add so much character to your space!

IMG_7258 copy IMG_7373_silver copy

Darling details on silverware add something unique to a set table. Instantly change the mood with deep, dark colors that are perfect for a transition straight into Fall.

IMG_7380_silver copyIMG_8160 copy

Better yet? An entire vignette of delicate Silver pieces! Now that's a way to make a statement. Dark florals perfectly compliment the styled set (and are a huge trend for Fall!) Not sure what else to do with these amazing pieces? We love to use them as containers! Pot them with your favorite succulents, top with stark white gravel, and you're got a piece everyone is going to be jealous of.

To see & shop more of our Silver collection, stop by our Los Angeles Store!

Summer Green Thumb

Ah, Summer! We're enjoying this weather and the chance it gives us to get outside and into the Garden.  We've had some beautiful plants & flowers blooming around the store that we couldn't wait to pair with some of our new containers. This time of year is perfect for transferring and re-potting any plants in need of a new face lift, so we got right to work!

ggs_3 ggs_4ggs_5ggs_1ggs_2ggs_6

Basil, Oregano, Peppers, and Cat Thyme are striking in these white containers! We added our stake herb markers complete with chalk accents to identify our garden friends. If you're in a gardening rut, propagate and divid some of your Spring-flowering perennials. Or get your green thumb started and sow up any of the following: English daisies, forget-me-nots, pansies, lettuce, kale, broccoli, cabbage, radishes, and arugula for Fall harvest!

Happy Gardening!

Container Curiosities

A stroll through our Culver City location unveils a million treasures... there are containers in every size, color, shape, and style. Let your imagination run wild, because we sure have and we've found that there are limitless possibilities created by the abundance of pots & containers we've accumulated over the years in our wondrous space.

IMG_1725copy IMG_2055 copy DSC_0050 copy

We can't contain our excitement when we get a new shipment of containers in! There is always something new in store that catches us by surprise or ignites a new idea. Our product always has a story that we're excited to learn about as well as share with our customers. When you purchase a pot, it's not just another piece to be thrown in your home; it's a piece of history meant to be shared.

IMG_2066 copyIMG_9216 copy  IMG_2087 copy

Our newest shipment come from the shores of Vietnam, and look like they've literally been quickly dipped in the Atlantic ocean and let the sea weather and wear at their surface. Bring the essence of the sea directly into your home with one of these magical containers in various sizes.

IMG_8524 copyIMG_2083 copyIMG_9221 copyIMG_2082 copy

Whether filled with cerulean blue silk hydrangeas or potted with peaking succulents, we are truly enamored with this new arrival! Visit our Culver City location to see these stunning beauties & shop the rest of the collection.

Our Egg-citing DIY!

We love to get our hands a bit dirty and get creative when the chance pops up. What better chance to unleash our inner craftiness than by putting an innovative spin on the generic Easter egg?  Simply dying Easter eggs just isn't enough; we took Easter egg decorating to the next level with gilded perfection, painted expression, and a new take on the chalkboard craze. Read on for more!



We got together with a couple dozen eggs, some amazing Raspberry Mojitos, probably too much crafting supplies, and a ton of inspiration for this DIY.


Itty bitty details, like color seeping through cracked eggshells and bits of gold leaf stuck to color-stained fingertips, kept us inspired throughout our egg-citing crafting get together.


Mod Podge // A Few Brushes // Gold Leaf // Eggs

1.  Brush a little Mod Podge into your egg  // 2. Take a bit of gold leaf with your brush and and gently press it on your egg in random areas // 3. Brush another light layer of Mod Podge over the area for extra staying power; So easy!

mcIMG_8250 copyIMG_8260copy copy

Chalkboard Spray Paint // Pastels (Colors of your Choice)

1. Cover your egg with Chalkboard Spray Paint for an opaque, black background that will hold the texture well, let dry for about 5-10 minutes // 2. Pick 2-3 chalk colors in a monochromatic palette, (we obviously love grey), and rub over your eggs vertically // 3. Mix and match the colors to create a textured, modern egg that stretches beyond the standard chalkboard!

pe IMG_8207 copy IMG_8260 copy

Acrylic Craft Paint // Puffy Paint (Metallic & Glitter) // Sharpies // Embellishments

1.  Paint your egg in color of your choice // 2. Mod podge of stick embellishments of your choice on your egg, Choosing either cool or warm color palette for all elements of this DIY helps keep it modern // 3. Puffy paint, glitter, sketch, and paint your way to an awesome mixed media Easter egg!



We experimented a ton with watercolor, decoupage, gilding, and painting; here's some of our faves! The possibilities are truly endless. Happy DIY-ing & Happy Easter from all of us at Rolling Greens!

Easter in the Air

 A bit of pastel, eggs hidden among the lush green garden, & bunny ears poppingup between the flower beds.. Easter is just a few hops away!

We're pretty excited about this time of year; it's full of reasons to celebrate the birth of so many new colors, textures, and blooms.  Our stores are bustling wildlife, plants, and egg-citing new product!  Taking a walk around our Culver City & Los Angeles store always sparks up our inspiration; there is so much beauty in the simplest of places!



One dozen foolproof faux eggs for our Easter decor, please!

DSC_0116 copy

doubles copy

Creamy white Campanula flowers alongside stunning African Violets create a notice-me-now Easter palette // Weathered fiber-clay rabbits incorporate Easter right onto walls in a fun, innovative way. Transfer them to the garden when the holiday passes!

DSC_0144 copyWith delicate wisps of green,  moss laced nests, and the flourishing flora; we're sure you have all the  necessities to find an accent perfect for you Easter fever. We're feeling inspired by the type kind gestures this special holiday brings. Did you know To  egg farmers across the country are donatie more than 11 million eggs to food banks across the nation help Americans in need? Pass the kindness along this month!

Happy Decorating & enjoy your Easter Sunday!