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Top it off with Recycled Glass.

Reduce, reuse, recycle! At Rolling Greens, we're a huge fan of helping out the environment (and still maintaining style while doing it!) One of our favorite aspects about our stores is that everything, from trash to trashier, gets used in a creative way. We're currently infatuated with our Recycled Glass bar! Our wall at our Culver City store holds rows of uniquely colored & textured glass that make the perfect topping for an arrangement, or filling a vase. The possibilities are pretty endless..

IMG_9466 copy IMG_9463 copy

Our Culver City store has an entire wall filled with every color imaginable! Mix & match colors and textures to create your own unique look.

IMG_9471 copy IMG_9479 copy

Mirrored pieces reflect  tons of light, perfect for a pop in dark spaces. Mix it up with larger pieces of recycled glass in dreamy hues.

IMG_9486 copy IMG_9492 copy

 We love these startling emerald green "gems!" They would pair perfectly in a creamy white container. Add clear & brown accent glass pieces to create an Earthier palette.

IMG_9508 copy IMG_9516 copy

Capture every color in the sea with these two mixes at our Recycled Glass bar! Mesmerizing blues, greens, white, & added touches of amber create a relaxed, rejuvenating feel.

orange1 orange2

Feeling fiery? We've also got vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow! The larger mix above incorporates solid orange, crystal amber, pastel yellow and pieces of white to create a mix that looks like dancing flames.

orange3IMG_9482 copyIMG_9465 copy

Our Recycled Bar also carries fine-sized pieces of glass who want a seamless look. We love it when customers mix & match different textures and layers in containers to create their work works of art! We hope you stop by our recycled glass area and run your fingers through all of the textures. You'll be inspired, for sure!