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12 Days of Gifting -- Six elegant ways!

12_06_14_orchidsplant a little extra holiday cheer for your host this season!


V E N D O R  | S P O T L I G H T check out some of the amazing vendors you can find at our Holiday Bazaar on December 13 from 2pm-6pm at our Los Angeles store.

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Aeonium Tips & Tricks.

Deep and striking shades of purple, arching stems, and perfect rosettes of leaves.. All the enticing aspects of the Aeonium! These succulents have fleshy, succulent leaves formed in lovely rosettes & contain around 35 species that can either grow low or grows a branched plants into shrubs. These cool succulents are on our radar and we're giving you a few tips & tricks on how to care for yours this season.

aeonium_1 copyIMG_9650 copy

 Aeonium are most native to the Canary Islands and therefore loves a moderate climate that isn't too dry, hot, or cold. It's important to give them full sun to partial shade and move indoors if your area receives a Fall or Winter frost. They can flourish during a moderate, moist winter, but are extremely sensitive to colder temperatures.

IMG_9649 copyaeonium_3 copy Aeonium need only a little bit of soil, making them great container plants (which also provides great mobility if you have to move them inside for colder weather!) Water them when the soil is dry, which you can check by inserting your finger into the soil, and do so every 7-10 days. In rainy or high-humidity areas you don't need to water them so frequently. Make sure to never allow water to accumulate in the crown or in the rosette, as it will start to rot.

IMG_9647 copy IMG_9644 copy

If the leaves of your Aeonium plant begin to curl up and die, then you have a problem with either watering or temperature. Try not to prune any of these discolored leaves unless they are dry and brittle. The Aeonium wilts dramatically as a defense mechanism and can fully recover with a bit of care!

aeonium_4aaeonium_2 copyThese beauties are so striking, whether you're choosing to opt for the intriguing shades of purple and burgundy or upbeat green. Even better? Mixing the two hues for a cool contrast. We hope you learned a few tips & tricks you can put to good use in your garden!

DIY Seed Bombs.

Nothing like a bit of spontaneous love in the garden! We love the idea of "seed bombs," or mini rounds of potting soil mixed with clay and wildflower seeds. Throw 'em, pot 'em, plant 'em, and most importantly, give them away! We think these would make an awesome surprise gift on your neighbor's doorstep. They're mini bombs of happiness!

diytitle22 diytools

What you'll need for the Seed Bombs: -  Air-Dry Clay - Seed Starting Potting Soil - Wildflower Seeds (or seeds of your choice!) - Water

What you'll need for the Ombre Canvas Bags: - covered work area - 10-12 mini canvas or muslin bags - Ink or Color Spray (We used Heidi Swapp Color Spray in Seafom & Gold) - Stencil Letters (Optional) - Floral Paper - Kraft Oak Tags - Mini Clothespins (We painted ours gold!)


Start by mixing 1 part clay with 4 parts potting soil; add your seeds and a bit of water to help mix everything together.  After everything is fully incorporated, roll out 1-inch balls of your potting soil dough and let them sit out in the sun for at least one day to dry out.


To make your ombre bags, lay out your muslin bags on a flat, covered work area. Start by spraying the color spray at a 8-12 inch distance and work your way towards the bag while also angling the spray down towards the bottom of the bag to create an  ombre effect.

To make the "BOMB" bag, place your letters over the bag and repeat the step above! Let your bags dry for 4-5 hours before using!

129 10 To make the tags,  cut out a rectangle of the floral or decorative paper you chose. Choose one end and cut a triangle out of that side to make the banner-like shape. We used a white gel pen on a kraft paper oak tag to write "Throw Me or Plant Me!" These tags would also look adorable with stamped text, or you can print graphics on them! If you're giving these away, be sure to write or print directions on the back!

We painted mini clothespins gold and attached the cards & decorative paper banner to the tightened muslin bags. Ta-da! All done. Super simple, right?

8713These super cute seed bombs make awesome wedding or party favors your guests will love! End of Summer gifts? Even better. We want to see any Seed Bombs you make! Tag any Twitter or Instagram photos with #RGSeedBombs to share with us. Time to get crafty!

Surviving the Drought!

This year's drought has taken a hold of California, leaving most of the state with extreme conditions and with many SoCal cities, like LA, with water restrictions. With a major cutback on how much we're using our hoses, we know that the lovely leaves you may have just planted could be suffering , too. Plants are the base of the food chain and sustain our habitats, it's important we keep them healthy and thriving. We've highlighted some drought-friendly plants that will help cheer up your garden!

dr_1 dr_8

Lavender is a great shrubby perennial that has fire-resistant characteristics, is great for slopes, and attracts all kind of wildlife from the buzzing bees to lovely butterflies. A lush succulent never fails in the sun, as they love the heat!

dr_2 dr_7

Variegated Thyme is also another great drought-resistant pick that does well in the shade. The fragrant aroma keeps wildlife around, plus you've got an amazing fresh herb perfect for kitchen use!

dr_3 dr_4

Creeping Thyme makes a lovely, fragrant ground cover and is an extremely low maintenance plant that requires very, very little care.

dr_5dr_6 The bold, succulent Agave creates an architectural focal point that will refresh your garden. It's drought tolerant and an excellent choice for a dry, sunny spot!

A great way to cut back on your water usage is to train your plants to use less water: water as needed to keep the root system moist but not saturated until the plants become established. Happy Gardening!

Summer Green Thumb

Ah, Summer! We're enjoying this weather and the chance it gives us to get outside and into the Garden.  We've had some beautiful plants & flowers blooming around the store that we couldn't wait to pair with some of our new containers. This time of year is perfect for transferring and re-potting any plants in need of a new face lift, so we got right to work!

ggs_3 ggs_4ggs_5ggs_1ggs_2ggs_6

Basil, Oregano, Peppers, and Cat Thyme are striking in these white containers! We added our stake herb markers complete with chalk accents to identify our garden friends. If you're in a gardening rut, propagate and divid some of your Spring-flowering perennials. Or get your green thumb started and sow up any of the following: English daisies, forget-me-nots, pansies, lettuce, kale, broccoli, cabbage, radishes, and arugula for Fall harvest!

Happy Gardening!