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The perfect pins...

Our creative team is full of artistic fuel, but like any normal creative mind we occasionally struggle with "creative block". One of our favorite resources to refuel is Pinterest!

While lately our Pinterest fuel has been more for a feeling than ideas! The mood that can be portrayed through a breath-taking image to give us inspiration and get us going on our next project!

As we kick-off 2015 in the right creative mindset--we are obsessing over image moods! Our Creative Director, Angela Hicks, has one of the most inspiring Pinterest pages! She has recently created a new board "Inspired", and we can't get enough of it!

13b652053f438a9b8575f07bd96b4386 (Found on While not all the images are related to what we do at Rolling Greens, such as this one depicting pies, it's all about the mood! A dark and mysterious feeling that draws you in!

My Pretty Rose Tree (Found on Images such as this one, that related to our gardens are always both breath-taking and inspiring. While all the pins on this board have the same feel the subject matter does help us orient our inspiration as well!

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Finding images where composition is interesting is always delightful! While we usually shoot our images once our installations are complete, pulling inspiration of what my frame nicely is always a resourceful tool! Lighting that can convey a mood is as well something that we love to observe, while some images work better with a bright natural light, sometimes creating a dim setting can convey a different mood!

e612056a1a0c08a97a68708b70964db3 Occasionally we re-pin some of our old images as new source of inspiration, maybe something we have done in the past that can serve to spark up a new idea!

The goal is to keep our store presentation current and constantly evolving! To be able to evoke a feeling!

Take a look at what the rest of our creative team is pinning & be sure to follow our Pinterest!

Greg Salmeri - Owner Angela Hicks - Creative Director Megan Sveum - Visuals Manager Helen Zoller - Visuals/Event Coordinator Monica Vasquez - Marketing Manager

Happy Pinning!

All About Pinterest: Greg's Page!


Rolling Greens Owner, Greg Salmeri, is infatuated with Pinterest. We're seriously not kidding! But as a creative mastermind who is bursting at the seams with innovative ideas, we definitely understand why! Pinterest has become an inspiration source for us; there's no shortage of inspiring photos and concepts that keep sparking up something new! Greg's page encompasses everything from dreamy landscapes to dramatic details that he might be thinking about for a new project or advertisement. Whatever he's pinning, it's always something stunning enough to drool over

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 8.35.08 AM


Greg's page features boards like Home Decor, Landscape, Furniture Refinishing, and Greenhouses. He recently created boards with a color theme that have some amazing pins & photos! Pins of chandelier crystals & hanging lanterns are currently popping up in his Advertisements board, while deep, dark florals consume Purple. We have a special love for his Home Decor board, there is always a stunning vignette or room we want all to ourselves!

page2GregsPinterest4GregsPinterest5The praise goes on and on about Greg's amazing pins! His recent Landscape finds are definitely a push to get out into the fresh air and add a new spin on a garden's design. Another love of Greg's? Patterns! His page is filled with amazing pattern finds, from wallpaper to prints of artwork and even more. A gold & blackDamask print is an absolute must!

Want to be just an inspired as the rest of us? Be sure to follow Greg on Pinterest!


How Pinteresting...

There's no doubt about it, we seriously love Pinterest! When we get stuck in a rut and are reaching for inspiration to push us past our creative block, Pinterest is our go-to. Our team uses this photo-based platform to collect ideas and stimulate our often stubborn right side of the brain; always keeping us on our toes and pushing us ahead of the game.

So, what exactly are we pinning? We have a good amount of boards and are constantly pinning everything from dark, bohemian home vignettes to beautiful landscape design with a mod twist.  Check out a few of the things we've been quite pinterested in lately! howpin_outdoor With Spring in full swing and Summer just around the corner, we couldn't be more excited to move from our cold, Winter-laden caves to the sunny & warm outdoors. We're more than ready to celebrate beautiful garden blooms and sit outside to enjoy our patios and outdoor spaces.

howpin_wornneutrals A bit of age, a bit of wear, and lots of gorgeous neutral shades. Imperfect imperfections are what capture our attention, and we're so in love with the characteristic a bit (maybe more like a ton) of aging can bring to a piece.

howpin_baskets Potted plants & trees make astounding pieces when placed in pottery, but we like to break away from the norm. Baskets are piling up on our radar, and we are captivated by the essence a a French basket can bring!

What are you captivated by on Pinterest? Don't forget to come pin with us!