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Our Summer Faux Florals!

Delicate Summer blooms are blowing us away this year; how can you not resist a fresh bouquet of peonies?! We're aiming beyond the temporary arrangement this month and diving into our tin buckets of silk & faux florals perfect for Summer and transitioning into Fall. Will you go faux or real this Summer? We're sure these picks will fool anyone!

IMG_8948 copyIMG_8983 copy

top image: lovely pink peonies | bottom image: enchanting mixed florals at our los angeles store

IMG_8960 copy IMG_8965 copy

top image: scabiosa spray | bottom image: jade stems

IMG_8971 copy IMG_8987 copy

top image: peonies | bottom image: allium sprays

IMG_8994 copyIMG_9005 copyIMG_9012 copy

top image: tree magnolia | middle image: sedum

We are in love with the fresh + dreamy faux florals all around our Los Angeles store. Peonies popping up, quirky allium sprays, and creamy white scabiosa sprays are among our favorites! Having trouble working them into your decor? Faux florals displayed in industrial containers & buckets create juxtaposition perfect for a Summer mix-up. We've got an expansive selection at our LA & Culver City location in every color imaginable; come stop by to create your own arrangement that won't fade away!

Color of the Season: Fuchsia



Fuchsia: a vivid purple-red color.. and our color pick for the transition into Spring! It's a color for the fearless,  & also a color that many people fear to try just about anywhere. Our inspiration from above gives great insight on how to incorporate this fun statement color into your home.

A plush couch would pop against a neutral palette in a home.  Fuchsia florals are the simplest way to invite the color temporarily into a space and can instantly brighten up any room.  We've also paired up a few colors with this bright hue that will help you create a well-rounded palette.

Feeling inspired yet? We've got hints of this amazing color throughout our Los Angeles store that we can't wait to invite into our home!


photo 2



Vibrant orchids, floral stationary, candles, and wallpaper make our must have list for fuchsia accents in the home. How would you incorporate this intense color into your home? We love to hear from you with any photos or ideas!