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A Summer Picnic

Perfect weather calls for an outside adventure and that means there's no better excuse for a perfect Summer picnic. We're big fans of taking a great meal outdoors and into the Summer sunshine. We've got the perfect recipe on the simple goods you'll need for your outing; whether you're out in your backyard or abroad in the park! Scroll to the bottom of this post for the recipe!

SP_1 copy copy  SP_6 copy SP_5 copy

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SP_3 copy SP_2 copyIngredients:  - 1 stack of 3-4 textured white plates, for serving cheese alongside bread - 3-4 indigo blue linens, for contrast against the lovely white plates - 3-4 crystal glasses, for serving lemonade & mimosas - A crisp white blanket - Muted teal bowls for fresh, Summer-ripened fruit - Assorted dishes such as: quiches, arugula salad, caprese sandwiches - Complimenting salt & pepper shakers, for an extra dash of flavor - Summer sunshine!

Recipe Start by prepping all of your gourmet goodies and pack them for transportation; don't forget an ice pack if your items need to keep cool! Roll up your white blanket and tie with twine to keep it from unraveling. Stock your pantry basket or tote bag with plates, linens, glasses, bowls, & all of your gourmet necessities. Head to your perfect outdoor destination, lay out your blanket and unpack your basket of goodies! Mix & match using plates and bowls to showcase your food; share a great drink in a crystal glass!

Pssst! 4th of July is just two weeks away! This is the perfect setting for an early afternoon party, or a romantic setting for two. Don't forget the sunblock!


How Pinteresting...

There's no doubt about it, we seriously love Pinterest! When we get stuck in a rut and are reaching for inspiration to push us past our creative block, Pinterest is our go-to. Our team uses this photo-based platform to collect ideas and stimulate our often stubborn right side of the brain; always keeping us on our toes and pushing us ahead of the game.

So, what exactly are we pinning? We have a good amount of boards and are constantly pinning everything from dark, bohemian home vignettes to beautiful landscape design with a mod twist.  Check out a few of the things we've been quite pinterested in lately! howpin_outdoor With Spring in full swing and Summer just around the corner, we couldn't be more excited to move from our cold, Winter-laden caves to the sunny & warm outdoors. We're more than ready to celebrate beautiful garden blooms and sit outside to enjoy our patios and outdoor spaces.

howpin_wornneutrals A bit of age, a bit of wear, and lots of gorgeous neutral shades. Imperfect imperfections are what capture our attention, and we're so in love with the characteristic a bit (maybe more like a ton) of aging can bring to a piece.

howpin_baskets Potted plants & trees make astounding pieces when placed in pottery, but we like to break away from the norm. Baskets are piling up on our radar, and we are captivated by the essence a a French basket can bring!

What are you captivated by on Pinterest? Don't forget to come pin with us! 


Outdoor Spring In Bloom

Today is the first day of Spring! We've been stepping into the transition all of March and are super excited to see what's been blooming and growing around our Culver City location. Vivid shades of green are finding their way into every aspect of our store; we're loving it!




Vibrant aeoniums with foliage in deep shades of purple & green bask in the Spring heat after a quick spritz of water.


Tendrils of an aloaceae creep towards the afternoon sun.


   Lemon trees have delicate blossoms and juicy fruit hanging within their branches


  Lovely blooms of an Azalea patio tree


Purple blooms of lavender bring color to the garden alongside an aromatic scent.

From our gardens to yours! What can't you wait to plant this spring? We hope you come visit us at either of our locations to pick up an amazing outdoor plant for your garden!