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Holiday Premiere

We are so excited for our Holiday Premiere this Saturday November 5 from 5pm-8pm! Come join us as we showcase all our new amazing Holiday Decor. Treats, cocktails and inspiring tastemakers will be coming together this Saturday, you don’t want to miss it. 


Earlier this week, we hosted a giveaway on our Instagram with A Cozy Kitchen about her new book called #cozycoloringcookbook. Not only that, but Adrianna (we love her!) will be at our Premiere this Saturday signing her new book! 

There are so many amazing vendors and sponsors that will be at the event this Saturday and we can’t wait to all meet! Read below for a list of all our vendors and sponsors and we hope to see you there Saturday 5-8pm. 



Come have some craft cocktails mixed up by Kara Elise + Rekorderlig Cider, get your book signed by Adrianna and shop till you drop as we celebrate this amazing event. Read more about our Holiday Premiere hereLooking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!  


Earlier this year, we announced our Gather event series as a night to showcase all the tastemakers we've worked with in the past. Last week, we had the privilege of hosting our Fall Gathering with our friends at Salt & Pepper Co. and received the chance to meet new creatives! The night was beyond beautiful and we couldn't be more excited to share the night with you all!

We've always been huge fans of Salt & Pepper Co. and we knew we had to work with them somehow! When brainstorming ideas, we knew we wanted to have a Learn + Grow workshop with the Salt & Pepper team - who wouldn't love to learn how to guild the most beautiful holiday gift box ever?! You can sign up for our workshop here! After planning the workshop, we thought it would be a great idea to also partner up for our Fall Gathering Event, and ring in the Fall season together.

As the night started, guests came together around our arrangement bar surrounded by beautiful arrangements by The Hidden Garden Floral Design while enjoying light bites + cocktails. The amazing Lady & Larder provided freshly made cheese along with a selection of cured meats. Guests also enjoyed a special treat from Fonuts

As the night went on, guests were able to create their very own flower crowns with the help of The Crown Collective! Everyone was able to pick and choose from the selection of fresh florals to create their ideal Fall-inspired crown. Without a doubt, this was our favorite part of the night. It was such a great opportunity for guests to mingle and meet the creatives! Our guests also received eccentric henna tattoos by artist Shivani Mirpuri.

Ghost Media Rolling Greens-02910.jpg
Ghost Media Rolling Greens-02937.jpg

We had such a wonderful time at our second gathering! A big thank you to Salt & Pepper, our sponsors, and to everyone who celebrated with us. To see more from the night, check out our #gatherwithrg hashtag on Instagram. We can't wait to show you what we have up our sleeves for our Winter gathering! 

DIY: Clay Imprint Dish

The perfect dish for your vanity! Top it with your jewelry, create a place your favorite perfume bottle, or pile on your stray hair accessories. With a bit of air-dry clay and one single circle cutter, you can create this gorgeous, delicate clay imprint dish. Trust us, you’ll love it!

IMG_3352 copy

IMG_3351 copy

After you’ve gotten all of your tools together, take your clay out of the package and mold it in your hands to soften it up. Remember to close up the rest of the clay tightly when you aren’t using it so it won’t dry up.

IMG_3367 copy

We found a flat surface and then laid down wax paper to prevent the clay from sticking to anything. After that, we used a rolling pin to roll it out until our circle cutter could create a complete circle

IMG_3388 copy

We then placed our cutter down, removed the excess clay, and voila! We have a circle. You can stop here if you love a minimalistic look and let it dry after shaping it in a bowl, or you can create some extra detail.

IMG_3390 copy

IMG_3393 copy

We placed our circle over a doily to add a feminine touch and rolled it out once more over the doily to make the imprint. After that we used our circle cutter once more to keep the shape.

IMG_3416 copy

Take your clay circle and place it in a bowl so that it dries into the shape of a dish. Let it sit overnight in a dry place and in the morning you have an extremely gorgeous clay imprint dish!

IMG_3420 copy

IMG_3423 copy

IMG_3458 copy

We weren’t kidding when we said it was easy! These small dishes also make the cutest gift when wrapped up with a piece of jewelry. We love these dishes and heavily encourage experimenting with the finishes. A watercolor wash, glaze, or gilded accent would create an amazing finish. Don’t forget to share your projects with us. Happy Crafting!