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RG Meets: Flower Crown Society

fcwIntroducing RG Meets: An interview series that delivers a 360 view inside innovative brands & individuals that are sure to inspire /// Last week we got the chance to chat with talented owner + designer of  Flower Crown SocietyAllison Rhee, who gave us the scoop on her blooming Etsy shop & brand.

Allison began her journey in May 2013 with a small shop + an emerging idea of providing stunning floral crowns at an affordable price. Each piece is lovingly handcrafted and encompasses the free spirit of her design mantra. Lately, she's been leaving beautiful bouquets of flowers for strangers; which is admiring & inspiring,  as well as having a giveaway.  Which means you could  win a crown of your own by entering

With an amazing knack for  floral design, detail, & super cute packaging, how can you not be obsessed?!

 interview_flowercsociety interview_flowercsociety2 interview_flowercsociety3 interview_flowercsociety4 interview_flowercsociety5 interview_flowercsociety6

Hope you enjoyed a peek into the world of  Flower Crown Society, & get inspired!

Indoor Plants Tips + Tricks

Indoor Plants are tricky, tricky! They thrive in an entirely different environment than outdoor plants and require a special kind of care to grow successfully.  Life inside can vary depending on whether you have a ton of windows, keep your heater on, live in a humid area, or even cook frequently. Luckily, our staff knows every tip + trick to steer you in the right direction in order to keep indoor plants healthy (and alive); starting with the most important basics.



1 // Decide on where you will be placing your indoor plant. Location is key! Got a plant that always dies in the same spot? It may be because the conditions aren't fit for that species.  Each indoor plant has its own needs that can only be accommodated in a certain environment.


2 // Lighting is everything, it's one of the key components that help sustain a plants life.  Two plants that may be in the same family can need entirely different exposure. A plant's need for light can vary from optimum exposure to direct light, to an extremely shady environment and everywhere in between.


3 // Give your plants a quick check up before watering. Use your finger to press into the soil, if it is still damp, no need to water! A common mistake is overwatering indoor plants, which retain water in different ways depending on which environment they thrive in.



Indoor plants are sensitive and a tad bit tricky, but worth the time (and beauty!) if you do a bit of research. We hope our Basic Tips + Tricks expanded your knowledge and inspired you to branch out in the world of indoor plants!

Outdoor Spring In Bloom

Today is the first day of Spring! We've been stepping into the transition all of March and are super excited to see what's been blooming and growing around our Culver City location. Vivid shades of green are finding their way into every aspect of our store; we're loving it!




Vibrant aeoniums with foliage in deep shades of purple & green bask in the Spring heat after a quick spritz of water.


Tendrils of an aloaceae creep towards the afternoon sun.


   Lemon trees have delicate blossoms and juicy fruit hanging within their branches


  Lovely blooms of an Azalea patio tree


Purple blooms of lavender bring color to the garden alongside an aromatic scent.

From our gardens to yours! What can't you wait to plant this spring? We hope you come visit us at either of our locations to pick up an amazing outdoor plant for your garden!

A Life in the Cottage

Our Cottage Gardener Shop has been an inspiration to move outside and into the garden; featuring brown terracotta pots, aged clay containers, and an amazing mixture of vintage metals. If you saw on the blog last week, we showed you how to create a textured wall;  that same wall has been transformed by our Visual Team into an amazing space. The essence of this charming cottage decor has been inspiring many guests who visit to get a little dirty and start their spring planting!


A suspended ladder over a workplace serves as an instant hook; hang watering cans and tools or even pots & pans!

IMG_7375 copy

Hang a rustic birdhouse house this spring's lovely feathered friends.


Spruce up your standard flower garden by swapping plain pots with these vintage inspired metal flower garden containers.


Bird of a feather;  detailed cement accents add structure to your garden while still keeping a whimsical ambience.


We can't get enough of silk florals! If you aren't ready to commit to fresh cuts, these pretty stems stay in bloom all year long and won't make a mess.


Worn paint on an outdoor white bench creates character and makes a perfect compliment to  your spring blooms.


Mini terracottas are too cute to pass up-- pot smaller blooms in vibrant colors to create contrast.


Clay pots, terracottas, and tin.. what will you plant your spring garden in?!


Thanks to our Cottage Gardener collection, we're prepped and ready to go for gardening season! From containers to the most charming of garden accents, we can't wait to place these rustic and worn pieces into our spaces.

Which piece was your favorite from this collection? Stop by our Los Angeles location to see more from the transformation and to shop the collection!

The Sweetest Grab'N'Go's

Nothing says, “I love you,” like the perfect arrangement… we adore a lovely blossom in the perfect pot! With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we’re sure you’ll wow everyone, from the big boss to the caring neighbor, with one of our unique grab’n’go’s!


Lovely lavender, soft pink hydrangeas, and structured succulents; three's the charm here!



Each succulent grows in a unique way, creating some of the most mesmerizing patterns.


Pale pink and hints of chartreuse liven up these ivory petals.


These pretty plants are ready to purchase at our Los Angeles location and have been handpicked to outshine even the basic Valentine’s Day florals, making you look like a gift giving pro.

P.S.  A few of these grab’n’go’s would make a perfect centerpiece for your V-day tablescape!