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Aeonium Tips & Tricks.

Deep and striking shades of purple, arching stems, and perfect rosettes of leaves.. All the enticing aspects of the Aeonium! These succulents have fleshy, succulent leaves formed in lovely rosettes & contain around 35 species that can either grow low or grows a branched plants into shrubs. These cool succulents are on our radar and we're giving you a few tips & tricks on how to care for yours this season.

aeonium_1 copyIMG_9650 copy

 Aeonium are most native to the Canary Islands and therefore loves a moderate climate that isn't too dry, hot, or cold. It's important to give them full sun to partial shade and move indoors if your area receives a Fall or Winter frost. They can flourish during a moderate, moist winter, but are extremely sensitive to colder temperatures.

IMG_9649 copyaeonium_3 copy Aeonium need only a little bit of soil, making them great container plants (which also provides great mobility if you have to move them inside for colder weather!) Water them when the soil is dry, which you can check by inserting your finger into the soil, and do so every 7-10 days. In rainy or high-humidity areas you don't need to water them so frequently. Make sure to never allow water to accumulate in the crown or in the rosette, as it will start to rot.

IMG_9647 copy IMG_9644 copy

If the leaves of your Aeonium plant begin to curl up and die, then you have a problem with either watering or temperature. Try not to prune any of these discolored leaves unless they are dry and brittle. The Aeonium wilts dramatically as a defense mechanism and can fully recover with a bit of care!

aeonium_4aaeonium_2 copyThese beauties are so striking, whether you're choosing to opt for the intriguing shades of purple and burgundy or upbeat green. Even better? Mixing the two hues for a cool contrast. We hope you learned a few tips & tricks you can put to good use in your garden!

Our Stunning Fall Florals.

Deep tones of red, romantic hues of purple, stunning shades of orange.. Our Fall Silks in palettes of our favorite Autumn colors are becoming the striking aspects of our stores this season. Everywhere we look, theres a new floral surprising you with its beauty (an everlasting beauty, of course!) The beautiful  tones of our Fall Silks are too beautiful not to share!

silks_2 copy silks_6 copysilks_7 copy

IMG_0070 copy

Silk Peonies & Roses are definitely amazing when the Summer months fade away! We get to preserve the beautiful blooms in amazing hues. Startling, deep red is one of our favorite hues to lend to florals this Fall.We can't help but get lost in the mesmerizing shade. A bright, burnt orange also captures Fall!

silks_1 copy silks_3 copy silks_4 copy Cool hues this Fall are even better! Deep blues, shades of green, and accents of white & brown still translate to this season.  We love dark, moody, and unexpected color palettes! IMG_0030 copyIMG_0052 copyIMG_0058  copy

 Tones of green are always great accents come Fall, especially if you're still struggling with the transition from Summer! We adore how unique these  & roses look.  Beautiful branches of Oak adorned with acorns capture nature in all its essence. Add a rustic feel to your space by incorporating these branches into a cool container!

Fall is bound to be even better with the addition of a lovely Silk arrangement. We hope you're inspired! Stop by our Los Angeles location & Culver City location to shop the collections!

Color of the Season: Rusted Red

 Rusted Red InspoRusted Red Palette

Rust: the red or orange coating that forms on the surface of iron when exposed to air and moisture, Red: any of various colors resembling the color of blood; the primary color at one extreme end of the visible spectrum.

As we fall into Autumn, the colors deepen, darken, and become rich with moody tones. What was once a bright tomato red had transformed onto the Rusted Red that is sure to consume Fall color palettes. Pair the striking hue with mustard yellow and deep navy for a remix on the classic Primary colors. If you want a neutral based palette, pair with a grey-beige and muted grey-brown.

Our stores are transforming for Fall. (we're so excited!) So, be sure to stop by & shop this amazing color to update your once-Summer dream home into a cozy, Fall abode.

IMG_9699 copy IMG_9817 copy

Peonies aren't just for summer anymore! Add these faux red Peonies to your home for an instant touch of rusted red! We also love the tones and highlights on these hydrangeas. Who knew faux could look so, so good?

IMG_9818 copy IMG_9820 copy

A deep shade on roses create a moody & romantic ambience. Pair them with shades of grey throughout your decor along with white pumpkins for a contrasting look! Even better? Rusted red pumpkins,. Love!

IMG_9822 copy IMG_9830 copy

Better yet, save the hue for your walls! Our Culver City store has an entire display with this amazing red color; it instantly warms the space.  Another cool addition are the leaves of the Caladium, the perfect plant for any new Fall container.

IMG_9843 copy IMG_9848 copy

 Any of your rusted red florals will pop nestled in a metal tin! Add baskets to create a soft edge to the metal and add a cozier feel.  Baskets also make great pieces for piling up your pumpkins & Fall fruits!  Whether you're adding a touch of rusted red or already painting over you Summer-hued walls, we hope you immerse yourself in the Fall spirit & utilize the amazing colors the seasons has to offer. Happy Decorating!

Be the Artist of Your Garden

As Shakespeare once wrote, ""A rose by any other name would smell as sweet." We couldn't agree more! What's better than the sweet scent of flowers wafting through the Summer breeze? Not much! Roses are in bloom and we're here to give you all the tips & tricks you need to ensure your flowers stay healthy & bloom beautifully every year.

R1 copy

ON PLANTING // Sunlight is a Roses' best friend! They need at least 6 hours of direct sunlight a day, However, if you live in a hot, dry area, be sure you plant them in an area where they will receive a bit of afternoon shade. Also, make sure to choose a good gardening soil with lots of nutrients to keep your flowers healthy.

R2 copy

ON WATERING // Be sure to water the entire root of your plant, not just the top of the plant or the soil. Roses need an inch of water every week to stay healthy.

R3 copy

ON PRUNING // Pruning is SO important for your Roses! It's a crucial step that many people tend to skip. When pruning, take extra care to cut off dead or damaged parts of the bush 1/4 an inch above a leaf bud to keep it healthy. The best time to prune? Early Spring.

R5 copy

ON WINTER PREP // Winter time calls for prep, too! Stop fertilizing your roses 6 months before the first frost. Fight the urge to prune the wilting flowers at this time because it will encourage new growth and kill the bush during the cold months. Once most or all of the leaves have fallen off the bush, cover it with about 10 inches of mulch. Extreme winters call for bushes to be wrapped in burlap.

R6 copy

Whether you're new to the world of maintaining Roses, or a veteran if these beautiful bushes, there's always something new to learn about these lovely plants! We're still deciding which color we must have in our garden.. What about you? Happy Gardening!