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A Touch of Silver.

Romantic gems & jewels come in all shapes & sizes; we're measuring ours in Silver Accents! Our Los Angeles store has some of the prettiest Silver pieces that we've ever seen, with each piece uniquely distinct from the rest due to extra rust or a mysterious charm. Whether on display in the kitchen or potted with succulents, our deep longing for these romantic silver accents keeps us coming back for more.

IMG_0347 copy IMG_1283_silver copy

Deep, dark, moody, and full of emotion. These silver pieces have so much history that wears away right on the surface. Just a touch of silver can add so much character to your space!

IMG_7258 copy IMG_7373_silver copy

Darling details on silverware add something unique to a set table. Instantly change the mood with deep, dark colors that are perfect for a transition straight into Fall.

IMG_7380_silver copyIMG_8160 copy

Better yet? An entire vignette of delicate Silver pieces! Now that's a way to make a statement. Dark florals perfectly compliment the styled set (and are a huge trend for Fall!) Not sure what else to do with these amazing pieces? We love to use them as containers! Pot them with your favorite succulents, top with stark white gravel, and you're got a piece everyone is going to be jealous of.

To see & shop more of our Silver collection, stop by our Los Angeles Store!

Indoor Plants Tips + Tricks

Indoor Plants are tricky, tricky! They thrive in an entirely different environment than outdoor plants and require a special kind of care to grow successfully.  Life inside can vary depending on whether you have a ton of windows, keep your heater on, live in a humid area, or even cook frequently. Luckily, our staff knows every tip + trick to steer you in the right direction in order to keep indoor plants healthy (and alive); starting with the most important basics.



1 // Decide on where you will be placing your indoor plant. Location is key! Got a plant that always dies in the same spot? It may be because the conditions aren't fit for that species.  Each indoor plant has its own needs that can only be accommodated in a certain environment.


2 // Lighting is everything, it's one of the key components that help sustain a plants life.  Two plants that may be in the same family can need entirely different exposure. A plant's need for light can vary from optimum exposure to direct light, to an extremely shady environment and everywhere in between.


3 // Give your plants a quick check up before watering. Use your finger to press into the soil, if it is still damp, no need to water! A common mistake is overwatering indoor plants, which retain water in different ways depending on which environment they thrive in.



Indoor plants are sensitive and a tad bit tricky, but worth the time (and beauty!) if you do a bit of research. We hope our Basic Tips + Tricks expanded your knowledge and inspired you to branch out in the world of indoor plants!

DIY: Color Block Terracotta Pots


Nothing like a crafty project for the garden just in time for Spring! Terracotta pots are a true staple for the outdoors; providing a perfect blank canvas for the consuming creative. We put a modern spin on the simple pot with white & beige color blocking using craft acrylic paint. It's an extremely easy way to add a modern touch to your garden!

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We hope you get some inspiration from our DIY and create your own color blocked terracotta pot. Make sure to send us your photos!

Spring Lemon Tartlets

The first day of Spring is this Thursday, March 20th! With citrus trees bearing fruit already, we couldn't wait to break out an amazing adapted recipe from Pastry: A Master Class for Everyone by Richard Bertinet and put it to the test! Lemon Tartlets are dainty, but have a flavor that will reawaken your taste buds; just as the new blooms of Spring are beginning to unfold.




Seriously delicious looking! We can't wait to get our hands dirty trying to make these lovely tartlets. Perfect for a spring tea party, no? What would you pair with these bite-sized beauties?

Inside the Man Shop


Industrial accents, rugged pieces, and striking lightbulb pendant lamps create the ambience for our Man Shop. A darker color palette of browns and blues complement the abundance of masculine items, creating a character consumed space of all things meant for the stylish man.


Aged stacks of book in an earthy palette of browns and reds are accompanied by potted succulents on a dark wood table.


Industrial character hooks on exposed wood create a perfect opportunity to hang your favorite scarves.


Reawaken the senses with masculine pot pourri scents by Côté Bastide.

IMG_5871 IMG_5874

Patterned pillows, industrial mirrors, and aged glass bottles are perfectly paired.


Whether a man on the hunt for the newest accessory to add to his cave, or an individual simply in love with the rugged feel of this space, The Man Shop carries some extremely unique product! Visit our Los Angeles location to see more of the collection.