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Our Los Angeles Holiday Bazaar 2014

On Saturday December 13, we hosted our Los Angeles Holiday Bazaar! It was a fun and shopping filled afternoon with some of L.A's gems! Our vendors set up booths throughout our Los Angeles store lot, displaying their product,  all while enjoying this crisp weather and meeting some great people!

Here's a closer look at the Los Angeles Holiday Bazaar!

IMG_6873Our amazing visual team created a photo-op wall, giving customers and vendors an instant snap shot with their holiday inspired background!

IMG_6816We had new and returning vendors, such as Soko, who were a big hit both at our first event and at this one. Her amazing jewelry is always a big hit!!

IMG_6844Some of our new comers included fun and sassy vendors such as Dear Gypsy, he quirky cards and prints were a must!! With sayings such as "work hard and beyonce" there was no doubt she'd be the right fit for our event!

IMG_6836 Another gem at our event was Sequins + Sugar, newcomer to our event as well as an uprising small business, their lovely embellished prints + more were a must see + a must buy!

IMG_3863 Kicking up the heat during a rather chilly afternoon, ALL GOOD Sauce, was a big hit with their habanero sauce products! Definitely a a crowd favorite!

IMG_6897As the sun set, twinkling lights lit our Los Angeles store space, giving our shoppers a romantic shopping experience.

IMG_3870Bringing a bit of Paris to Los Angeles, lights galore and an amazing experience! We hope you enjoyed our LA Holiday Bazaar!

12 Days of Gifting -- Shower them with nine!

12_9_14_soaps_sqplenty to chose from for every friend.


V E N D O R  | S P O T L I G H T check out some of the amazing vendors you can find at our Holiday Bazaar on December 13 from 2pm-6pm at our Los Angeles store.

holiday set - 300POLITE SOCIETY PAPER we are a mother + daughter design team based in Los Angeles. both avid stationery collectors, we started POLITE SOCIETY PAPER as a way to bring our own unique style to the market while working together on something we were both equally passionate about. with a similar aesthetic, we draw our inspiration from all around us- places we've lived, modern minimalism, neutrals, neon, and anything vintage + beautiful. we started our company with a line of luxury notecards, but plan to move into other areas of the paper world very soon. we hope you love our collection. aisha + jow

12 Days of Gifting -- On Day 8 Gather around the table!

12_8_14_bistro_chairs_sqthe perfect chairs for the perfect dinner with the perfect company!


V E N D O R  | S P O T L I G H T check out some of the amazing vendors you can find at our Holiday Bazaar on December 13 from 2pm-6pm at our Los Angeles store.

Hulma_1Hulma was born through the special love of two friends for dainty, minimalist jewelries. Here, it is all about handcrafted, keep-forever, everyday pieces that are simple and understated. Our jewelry can be worn with everything from casual wear to dressy attires. Our delicate pieces can be worn on their own or stacked together for a bolder effect. This will allow you guys to express your own personal taste and character through accessorizing.

12 Days of Gifting -- Seven stars to brighten your tree!

12_07_14_snowflakes_sqlittle details are what make the holidays exceptional!


V E N D O R  | S P O T L I G H T check out some of the amazing vendors you can find at our Holiday Bazaar on December 13 from 2pm-6pm at our Los Angeles store.

img_agsALL GOOD sauce "Let’s get this out of the way right now: we LOVE spicy food! American, Chinese, Mexican, Korean, Italian…the cuisine doesn’t matter. When we eat, we like to turn up the heat! Our diverse heritage and palates left us wishing for a hot sauce that would complement anything and everything. And, because we were just plain tired of carrying around various bottles of different hot sauces to pair with all of our favorite foods, (Yes, we did that.) we decided to cook up our own. So we went to work to craft a singular sauce that would punch up the flavors of any food our culinary impulses craved. Since our sauce was intended as a treat for ourselves, we made it the best way possible with all-natural, whole ingredients. The recipe contains NO added sugar, preservatives, coloring, concentrate, or xanthan gum — all the junky stuff commonly found in commercial hot sauces. Family and friends raved about our concoction. “You should totally bottle this!” they exclaimed. And, so we did. After spending months perfecting our sauce, we brainstormed for a name for our baby — something that said no matter how it’s used, it’s going to make food taste better. And thus, ALL GOOD Sauce was born! Our hot sauce is one heck of a versatile condiment. Folks from Barcelona to Los Angeles to Tokyo are loving it as we speak. It’s made with fresh, wholesome ingredients. And to top it off, it's delicious and delivers an intense kick that makes the taste buds dance through notes of sweetness and fruity delight, followed by a tangy burst finish that heats up all corners of the mouth!"

12 Days of Gifting -- Six elegant ways!

12_06_14_orchidsplant a little extra holiday cheer for your host this season!


V E N D O R  | S P O T L I G H T check out some of the amazing vendors you can find at our Holiday Bazaar on December 13 from 2pm-6pm at our Los Angeles store.

New ProductsOh, Hello Friend started as a blog in 2008 and quickly grew into a brand with its own line of products. The OHF brand is an extension of Danni's style and love for homemade products and stationary. OHF incorporates fun, modern, vintage, industrial and unique design elements aimed at inspiring others and bringing a little bit of beauty to daily life. We have a wide collection of stamps, craft and packaging supplies, cards, and art prints that offer daily encouragement to motivate and entertain. Through Oh, Hello Friend, Danni’s goal and hope is to convey positive messages that put a smile on your face. We hope you find encouragement and inspiration here that you can in turn share with others!