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Fall's Warm Glow!

It's definitely that time of year! The weather turns chilly, leaves brush the sidewalk, and the sun sets around 5 PM! As the night comes faster, we get really excited about how our stores begin to glow with warm lighting and unique lighting fixtures. Take a look at the lights we're turning on this Fall!IMG_0238 copy IMG_0242 copy

 Our Los Angeles Store is teeming with warm, glowing lights! Our tip? Mix and match chandeliers over a space, such as the dining room, for an eclectic, yet rustic, ambience.

IMG_0298 copy IMG_0303 copy

Spherical lighting fixtures are such statement pieces! These look great grouped together in odd numbers (think 1,3, or 5) in a space. The shadows they create are unique and create more of an industrial ambience.

IMG_0316 copy IMG_0321 copy

Another go-to for interesting shadows is the rectangular Ephesus Lantern! This also lends a hand to industrial ambiences, but is more refined and structural. Pendant lamps are also a great choice! (These are on sale!!) A trio of these would light up a kitchen bar perfectly.

IMG_0348 copy IMG_0326 copy IMG_0332 copy

A caged pendant lamp is a great option for any Man Cave. Hanging naked mixed light bulbs on twine and alongside other hanging industrial items creates an innovative source for lighting. We love how creative this option is! IMG_0367 copyIMG_0377 copy

Not all lighting needs to be big, bold, and take up a huge amount of space to be astounding. We adore these glass pendant lamps in our Bed & Bath section at our Los Angeles Store. The texture adds a feminine touch that is illuminate with the flip of a switch! Dainty & feminine chandeliers are also a classic that can draw up a romantic and cozy ambience.

IMG_0372 copy IMG_0374 copy

The crystals are so lovely and mesmerizing under the light! Who isn't dazzled by a crystal chandelier? (We want one in every room!) Whether you're searching for a new chandelier, a few pendants, or simple an innovative bulb, we have a great selection at our Los Angeles store! Be sure to stop by and shop our expansive amount of lighting!

DIY Abstract Summer Coasters

Summer is setting in! We're excited for the beach-worthy weather and endless outdoor entertaining possibilities. With that in mind, we conjured up the simplest DIY with a one-of-a-kind look. These abstract Summer coasters only require 4 items and a little bit of time! Prep for the wave of compliments you'll receive the next time someone asks, "Where did you get these coasters?"

IMG_6036 copyIMG_5940 copy

What You'll Need:

- Four to five 4¼” X 4¼” square tiles in white - Opaque Craft Paint (We used Martha Stewart's Chalkboard paint for texture and opacity) - A few small paintbrushes - Krylon Short Cuts Gloss Finish for Hobby & Craft Paint

IMG_5984 copyIMG_5987 copy

Start by pouring a bit of paint into a palette or old piece of card stock. To create the abstract stipple effect,  dip your paintbrush into a small amount of paint and create short strokes similar to the shapes of tear drops. We alternated between liberal amounts of paint to very little amounts of paint.  You can create sections of the pattern like we did, or create the stipple effect across the whole tile! There is no wrong or right way to create these, each one is a piece of art!

IMG_6002 copy IMG_5994 copy

To create the paintbrush stroke tiles, dip your brush in paint and start about 1/4 of the way down from the top of the tile. From that point, drag your paintbrush straight down applying different amount of pressure while you paint. Start from different points on the tile for varying heights and continue across. The result is a super cool brush effect with different texture and opacities.

IMG_6011 copy

After your tiles have dried, spray them with the Gloss Finish to prevent the paint from flaking off and to seal the tile. To prevent scratches on your table, glue a piece of felt to the bottom of each tile in a complimenting color. Let the tiles dry, and you're done! We weren't kidding when we said it was the simplest DIY ever!

IMG_6046 copy IMG_6053 copy

Simple? Yes! A work of art? Absolutely! We think these cool hued tiles also make an excellent gift for Dad this Father's Day. With a cold bottle or glass of beer and an outdoor barbecue, who can complain? Happy DIY-ing!

For Dad's Bar

The clinking of glasses, a tumble of ice cubes, and a shake of a mixer. Our Los Angeles store has all of the necessities for pouring up the perfect drink. Whether Dad is the ultimate mixologist, or simply loves a great beer, we've got some of the coolest essentials for Dad's bar.

IMG_3175 copyIMG_3194 copy

Eat here; drink here. Rusted metal letters create perfect bartop accent for Dad. Play up the space with giant aged glass containers.

IMG_3142 copy IMG_3182 copy

Whiskey rocks are sure to make Dad crack a smile. Drop them in a drink & they keep it ice cold, without the watered down effects of regular ice cubes // Pick from our assortment of unique bottle openers, a sure match for any personality!

IMG_3188 copyIMG_3189 copy

Have a citrus fanatic on your hands? Fill an aged bucket with faux lemons & limes to keep the essence around 24/7. Don't forget the sturdy lime juicer!

IMG_3200 copyIMG_3204 copyIMG_3201 copy

Keep his man cave extra cool with granite slabs, which make awesome serving trays. Keep the accents consistent with matching coaster that will blend perfectly in an existing color palette. Vintage scales and weathered pigs are practically begging to be placed on Dad's bar!

 IMG_3208 copy IMG_3209 copy IMG_3211 copy

Every master mixologist needs a good handful of books; our Pantry has the essentials for brushing up on cocktail recipes and tips. What Dad wouldn't want to learn how to make his own Moonshine? If you can't decided on just one gift, choose a few and wrap them up in a rusted tin or container for the ultimate Father's Day Basket. Happy Gifting!

Inside the Man Shop


Industrial accents, rugged pieces, and striking lightbulb pendant lamps create the ambience for our Man Shop. A darker color palette of browns and blues complement the abundance of masculine items, creating a character consumed space of all things meant for the stylish man.


Aged stacks of book in an earthy palette of browns and reds are accompanied by potted succulents on a dark wood table.


Industrial character hooks on exposed wood create a perfect opportunity to hang your favorite scarves.


Reawaken the senses with masculine pot pourri scents by Côté Bastide.

IMG_5871 IMG_5874

Patterned pillows, industrial mirrors, and aged glass bottles are perfectly paired.


Whether a man on the hunt for the newest accessory to add to his cave, or an individual simply in love with the rugged feel of this space, The Man Shop carries some extremely unique product! Visit our Los Angeles location to see more of the collection.