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Urban Jungle

IMG_3202_5x4 This week, we are all about bold pops of green indoors. You may not have a large yard to plant in, but don't let that stop you from creating an urban jungle inside! Nothing spruces up a space quicker than a few large interior plants strategically placed in a room. After you have those arranged, sprinkle in a few smaller plants in between, open the windows to let the fresh air in, and you are set for a bright and beautiful spring!

Stop in at either location this week and our staff can help you pick the perfect plants for your home & instruct you on the right way to care for them. Afterwards, snap a photo and share your space on Instagram using #RGathome and you are automatically entered to win a $25 gift card! We love seeing how you accent your home with Rolling Greens products - scroll through to see a few of our favorite RG "Urban Jungles" from this month!

Photo: @whitneyleighmorris

Photo: @heyjesshi

Photo: @jessicamenda

Photo: @cheebs_s

Getting Social

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 9.38.36 AM We are inspired by so many different things, but our biggest source of inspiration is you, our friends and guests! We work hard to fill our shelves with beautiful plants and decor, but everything in our stores comes to life when we see it through your eyes. Whether you're taking a stroll through the greenhouse in Culver City or arranging your new succulents in  your home, our favorite part about social media is seeing Rolling Greens from your perspective. Today we're sharing a few of our favorite recent posts, and we hope they'll inspire you as much as they did us!

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 9.51.34 AM

Photo by @sunnyantrim

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Thanks to all who have joined us and shared the RG love this month. Don't forget to share your photos @rollinggreens & tag them with #RollingGreens!

Succulent Driftwood DIY

Driftwood-7193 Now that the holidays are officially packed up until next year, we can start to look forward to spring! This means brighter colors, more greenery, pretty pastels, lots of sunshine, and a chance to take a fresh new look at our homes and gardens in ways big and small.

Last week we brought the outdoors in with our January learn + grow workshop at our LA location, where we created unique and beautiful Succulent Driftwood Arrangements with friends old and new. This is a truly stunning piece to add to your coffee table, bedroom, window sill, or wherever your home needs a pop of color. The best part about working with a vessel like driftwood is that no two pieces will be the same, no matter what!

For our out-of-state friends and those who couldn't make it to last week's workshop, see the full tutorial below to make your own succulent driftwood arrangements. Why not make an afternoon of it and invite your craftiest friends over for a day of coffee and DIYing?

What You Need:

  • Long piece of Driftwood
  • Plastic Sheeting
  • Gravel
  • Potting Soil
  • Mixture of 4” succulents
  • Reindeer Moss
  • Spray bottle
  • Old Paintbrush


1. Start by picking out your driftwood piece. Embrace the pieces that have odd curves and angles—it makes a much more interesting arrangement! If you don’t have a driftwood piece with holes like ours, you can use the natural crevices to create your arrangement or use a self-feed bit or spade bit to drill various holes along the driftwood.

  2. Cut a piece of plastic sheeting about 4” bigger in diameter than your driftwood holes. Then insert the cut plastic sheet into the holes to create a lining that will prevent the moisture from your arrangement from soaking into the driftwood. There should be an overhang of plastic sheeting around the hole—don’t cut this off yet! You will trim this off close to completing your arrangement.



  3. Next, cover the bottom of your plastic lining with a ½-1 inch layer of gravel. This helps with drainage and will help prevent any rotting or odors.

  4. Now it’s planting time! We always pick out our succulents and think of a few different design and color options before digging in (Pun intended!) Add a thin layer of soil on top of your gravel before planting, we also recommend having a bucket of well draining porous soil next to you.



  5. Gently message the bottom of your succulent containers and ease them out by the pot rather than pulling at their leaves. If you wish to split one pot of several or smaller succulents apart, apply the same maneuver onto their roots, gently massaging them apart. Keep in mind to be very gently! They should naturally separate with a little coaxing.



  6. Next, place them in your driftwood according to the design of your choice. After all of your succulents are situated, fill in all negative space with soil and gently compact the soil. Be careful not to plant above the level the succulent was planted in its plastic nursery pot. You don’t want the soil to touch the crown, or base of your succulents. Be sure to fill in all the holes and spaces or else the roots will dry out and the plants may die!



  7. Now cut off your excess plastic sheeting. Use scissors to carefully trim off the plastic along the edge of your holes.

  8. Almost there! Now it’s moss time. We used reindeer moss to add a pop of color and cover some of our bare spots on the arrangement. Just tuck a few pieces under succulent leaves and along the driftwood to your liking.

  9. You may notice a bunch of dirt nestled in your succulents and over your arrangement. Our secret is to use an old paintbrush to lightly dust off any unwanted particles and keep your arrangement looking brand-new!




  If you are placing your arrangement indoors, remember to keep in mind that succulents love really bright light and full sun is preferred. Wait a few days before you water your new garden, then you may proceed with normal watering. Water Make sure to water only when soil is dry, this might take a week or two weeks. Adjust your watering depending on the amount of light. Remember, more light and less water is best! Water plants once or twice a month; be sure to not get water on their leaves though. In the wintertime, succulents and cacti need rest from watering to mimic their dry season. Watering your plants depends on their environment. We can’t stress enough: always check that your soil is dry before you water!


Our first ever pumpkin patch

This year, for the first time ever, our Los Angeles store will be selling live pumpkins! Beautiful white and peach fairytale pumpkins, small odd shaped gourds as well as long stemmed orange pumpkins have filled our store over the last week and we couldn't be more excited. pumpkins_2pumpkins

There are so many eclectic varieties outside of the traditional orange jack-o-lantern. One of our favorites is the fairytale pumpkin, it's true name is the Musque De Provence which comes from the varieties original origin of France. Or the mini "Jack-be-little" pumpkins that can last for months if they are kept out of the sun. Another trendy pumpkin is the Australian jarrahdale pumpkin, noticeable by their slate-green coloring and drum shape.

fairytale pumpkinspumpkins

Nothing screams fall more than a good pumpkin and with halloween only 3 weeks away it's time to start picking yours. We love them for decorating a porch or mantel and of course for all the fun do-it-yourself projects.  If you need help in the DIY department we have just the thing for you, our fun succulent pumpkin workshop! The event will be led by Laurie March from HGTV and the DIYNetwork alongside one of our talented arrangement bar baristas on Saturday October 24th at 3p.m. So mark your calendar and don't forget to sign up on our website before all the seats are taken.

succulent_pumpkins succulent_pumpkins_3

For those of you who can handle a small craft on your own we suggest taking a pledge to join in the teal pumpkin project. The halloween project was created  last year by FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education) to bring awareness to the 1 in 13 children who suffer from food allergies. Halloween is known for tricks and treats, but unfortunately for children with food allergies halloween traditions can be anything but fun when candy can trigger an allergic reaction. By placing a teal pumpkin in front of your home you are informing the small goblins in the neighborhood that your home has more to offer than candy. FARE suggest non-food items such as stickers, glow sticks and bubbles to promote safety, inclusion, and respect for those managing food allergies.

teal pumpkin project


Don't forget to pick up your pumpkins at our pumpkin patch!

Designing a Harvest Table

The harvest season has always been a source of great inspiration for us. With fall products going out in stores over the next couple of weeks we are eagerly awaiting the season and hopefully a climate change! To kick off the season we are sharing a few fall tabletop ideas with you.IMG_6636IMG_6635 IMG_6632-1IMG_6633Our newly remodeled pantry area and stunning new products such as our aged turkish cutting boards, glassware and graphic serving bowls adorned the event perfectly! With gourmet appetizers from our friends at The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills, cocktails and a homemade cake we had all the right ingredients for a dinner party!  We decorated the center of the table with a faux succulent garland that we made entirely out of pieces found in our stores. Creating your own is simple just ask any of our sales reps to help you put one together. We topped off the centerpiece with our pillar mission candles and tea lights in some of our favorite small containers.IMG_6638


Designing your own harvest table is fun and it’s easier than you’d think! So join us and be inspired!IMG_6634