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Rolling Greens Through Your Eyes

We have a busy (and fun!) month coming up with our Mother's Day Workshop, Create & Cultivate DTLA, and a Spring Botanical Styling + Mixology Workshop later in May, but we love to take a moment to relax and look back at time spent in our two stores! From plants and pots to decor, we're always fascinated with seeing Rolling Greens through your perspective. We'll share more #RGathome posts soon, but today we're sharing a few beautiful photos that you've shared in-store at our LA or Culver City location! What do you have your eyes on at Rolling Greens this month? Photo: @gqbarr

Photo: @hgg.wyatt


Photo: @thestyleeater

Photo: @junotinglai

Photo: @homeyohmy

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Photo: @ultramagz

Thanks to all who shared this month, and don't forget to tag @rollinggreens in your posts!

Autumn in the Garden!

It's so beautiful to watch the gardens change as the seasons do! With Autumn in full swing, our Culver City & Los Angeles gardens & greenhouses are changing, too! We're excited to show you how they've been transforming and what is starting to unfold this Fall!

IMG_8637 copyIMG_8647 copy

Our Greenhouse is bursting with color! We're always so in love with the radiant hues of Bromeliads. Make sure to keep lots of air flow around these plants, fertilize sparingly, and keep them moist, but not soggy!

IMG_8628 copy IMG_8632 copyIMG_8674 copy

We've also got our eyes on the beautiful Orchids that are in bloom! Deep shades of orange, burgundy, and pink are colors perfect for incorporating into your Fall decor.

IMG_8659 copy IMG_8666 copy

Croton leaves are striking and something new to add to your indoor plant mix! We also adore the shades of orange on these Begonias! Don't let the Fall weather fool you, you can still have tons of natural color around the house.


We couldn't forgo the succulents around our garden; the colors are always dazzling and surprising! From deep purples to shades of olive green, our succulents have it all covered.

IMG_8701 copyIMG_8715 copyIMG_8711 copy

Our Exterior display of arrangements is teeming with live! It's always exciting to see what's popping up around the store by the hands of our Baristas. Whether you're searching for a modern looking piece or strictly rustic, our Fall assortment has something for everyone's taste!

IMG_8718 copy IMG_8724 copy IMG_8727 copy

Rosemary & Yellow Kangaroo Paw are stretching towards the sky in our exterior garden at our Culver City location. In the wee hours of the morning, we caught some dazzling dew drops hydrating our leaves!

IMG_8694 copyIMG_8731 copy

Bougainvillea & Roses are dainty and feminine additions we recommend if you're still dwelling on Summer (we don't blame you!) Whether you're in search for the next indoor or outdoor plant to add to your garden, don't forget stop by either of our locations to find your next addition for Fall!

DIY Tillandsia String Art.

There's no denying our love for Tillandsia these days, so we decided to create a DIY that would put these unique plants on display in an innovative way. The final product?  Some extremely easy wall art that perfectly nests your Tillandsia using only yarn, nails, and a wood plaque. These geometric inspired pieces are perfect for hanging on your walls, for your greenhouse, or placed on a shelf to compliment a vignette.  These are very customizable pieces that can be painted or stained and the yarn used to create the geometric qualities can be swapped for rustic twine or industrial leather!

First off, you'll need: - A wood plaque (We got ours at the nearest craft store!) - Nails - A hammer - Yarn or string in the color of your choice - Scissors - 2-3 Tillandsia

IMG_0398 copy IMG_0407 copy

Start by mapping out where you would like your nails to go. This is crucial if you're dreaming up a fancy design for your yarn to create! If you're more of an organic type of creator, then we suggest you just go crazy. We decided to put nails evenly along the outside of the plaque and make almost a hexagon out of the interior nails.

IMG_0410 copy IMG_0416 copy

Time to get started! Double knot your yarn around one of the nails, you can start anywhere!

IMG_0429 copy IMG_0440 copy As you start to make your design and move onto your first nail, make sure you wrap the yarn in a circular motion around each nail so the yarn doesn't slip off and stays nice and tight. (See top photo)  Then move along to your other nails to make your design!

IMG_0446 copy IMG_0451 copy

We had Helen, our Visual Merchandiser, help us out and create one of her own. She went the organic route, leaving some of the exterior edges bare and getting extremely geometric! We love how these turn out in such a unique way! All you have to do next is pop in your tillandsia & nestle them into the yarn.

IMG_0455 copy IMG_0462 copy

We had to do some color testing, too! The red against naked wood looked amazing (especially in time for Fall!) but we wanted to see what a softer side of this project could look like. We painted a larger plaque pale grey and contrasted with mustard yarn. Pop of color? Yes, please!

IMG_0470 copy IMG_0474 copy

Circular plaques are included!  We think these would look amazing mixed together with different shapes, sizes, and hues to create an entire gallery wall.

IMG_0480 copy IMG_0488 copy

We're still obsessed with how easy and amazing this DIY is. So many visitors inquired about these pieces of wall art as we were out and about creating at our Culver City store; we're so glad it inspired you! We'd love to see you create your own and share it with us. Happy Crafting!

Top it off with Recycled Glass.

Reduce, reuse, recycle! At Rolling Greens, we're a huge fan of helping out the environment (and still maintaining style while doing it!) One of our favorite aspects about our stores is that everything, from trash to trashier, gets used in a creative way. We're currently infatuated with our Recycled Glass bar! Our wall at our Culver City store holds rows of uniquely colored & textured glass that make the perfect topping for an arrangement, or filling a vase. The possibilities are pretty endless..

IMG_9466 copy IMG_9463 copy

Our Culver City store has an entire wall filled with every color imaginable! Mix & match colors and textures to create your own unique look.

IMG_9471 copy IMG_9479 copy

Mirrored pieces reflect  tons of light, perfect for a pop in dark spaces. Mix it up with larger pieces of recycled glass in dreamy hues.

IMG_9486 copy IMG_9492 copy

 We love these startling emerald green "gems!" They would pair perfectly in a creamy white container. Add clear & brown accent glass pieces to create an Earthier palette.

IMG_9508 copy IMG_9516 copy

Capture every color in the sea with these two mixes at our Recycled Glass bar! Mesmerizing blues, greens, white, & added touches of amber create a relaxed, rejuvenating feel.

orange1 orange2

Feeling fiery? We've also got vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow! The larger mix above incorporates solid orange, crystal amber, pastel yellow and pieces of white to create a mix that looks like dancing flames.

orange3IMG_9482 copyIMG_9465 copy

Our Recycled Bar also carries fine-sized pieces of glass who want a seamless look. We love it when customers mix & match different textures and layers in containers to create their work works of art! We hope you stop by our recycled glass area and run your fingers through all of the textures. You'll be inspired, for sure!

Surviving the Drought!

This year's drought has taken a hold of California, leaving most of the state with extreme conditions and with many SoCal cities, like LA, with water restrictions. With a major cutback on how much we're using our hoses, we know that the lovely leaves you may have just planted could be suffering , too. Plants are the base of the food chain and sustain our habitats, it's important we keep them healthy and thriving. We've highlighted some drought-friendly plants that will help cheer up your garden!

dr_1 dr_8

Lavender is a great shrubby perennial that has fire-resistant characteristics, is great for slopes, and attracts all kind of wildlife from the buzzing bees to lovely butterflies. A lush succulent never fails in the sun, as they love the heat!

dr_2 dr_7

Variegated Thyme is also another great drought-resistant pick that does well in the shade. The fragrant aroma keeps wildlife around, plus you've got an amazing fresh herb perfect for kitchen use!

dr_3 dr_4

Creeping Thyme makes a lovely, fragrant ground cover and is an extremely low maintenance plant that requires very, very little care.

dr_5dr_6 The bold, succulent Agave creates an architectural focal point that will refresh your garden. It's drought tolerant and an excellent choice for a dry, sunny spot!

A great way to cut back on your water usage is to train your plants to use less water: water as needed to keep the root system moist but not saturated until the plants become established. Happy Gardening!