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12 Days of Gifting — Plant them, light them, gift them!

12_11_14_votives_sqdifferent sizes and colors, plant them, light them or gift them--perfect for all occasions!

L O S   A N G E L E S  | H O L I D A Y   B A Z A A R check out our Holiday Bazaar on December 13 from 2pm-6pm at our Los Angeles store.

marketplace_bazaar-ad make sure to stop by our Learn + Craft Workshop and create some fun holiday crafts!

12 Days of Gifting -- Seven stars to brighten your tree!

12_07_14_snowflakes_sqlittle details are what make the holidays exceptional!


V E N D O R  | S P O T L I G H T check out some of the amazing vendors you can find at our Holiday Bazaar on December 13 from 2pm-6pm at our Los Angeles store.

img_agsALL GOOD sauce "Let’s get this out of the way right now: we LOVE spicy food! American, Chinese, Mexican, Korean, Italian…the cuisine doesn’t matter. When we eat, we like to turn up the heat! Our diverse heritage and palates left us wishing for a hot sauce that would complement anything and everything. And, because we were just plain tired of carrying around various bottles of different hot sauces to pair with all of our favorite foods, (Yes, we did that.) we decided to cook up our own. So we went to work to craft a singular sauce that would punch up the flavors of any food our culinary impulses craved. Since our sauce was intended as a treat for ourselves, we made it the best way possible with all-natural, whole ingredients. The recipe contains NO added sugar, preservatives, coloring, concentrate, or xanthan gum — all the junky stuff commonly found in commercial hot sauces. Family and friends raved about our concoction. “You should totally bottle this!” they exclaimed. And, so we did. After spending months perfecting our sauce, we brainstormed for a name for our baby — something that said no matter how it’s used, it’s going to make food taste better. And thus, ALL GOOD Sauce was born! Our hot sauce is one heck of a versatile condiment. Folks from Barcelona to Los Angeles to Tokyo are loving it as we speak. It’s made with fresh, wholesome ingredients. And to top it off, it's delicious and delivers an intense kick that makes the taste buds dance through notes of sweetness and fruity delight, followed by a tangy burst finish that heats up all corners of the mouth!"

12 Days of Gifting – Cuddle up on Day One!

On the first day of gifting...

12_1_14_white_blanket_sqThis chilly weather calls for cuddling and we have the perfect blanket to get cozy!


V E N D O R  | S P O T L I G H T check out some of the amazing vendors you can find at our Holiday Bazaar on December 13 from 2pm-6pm at our Los Angeles store.

Fractured Earth Ring4 (S)

Androgyny Design is a line of jewelry that blurs the lines between femininity and masculinity. The wearer can embody either energy depending on how they feel. The latest collection of cast bronze and silver pieces is called Fractured Earth. Every item in the collection features cracks and fractures in the metal that mimmic the natural breakdown of the Earth's surface, highlighting the beauty in natural imperfections.

Sparkle for your Valentine!

Last day of January! Know what that means?!

Flowers, candy and kisses all around, Valentine's Day is coming!

What perfect time to explore our unique collection of jewelry at our Los Angeles location. You can find an array of jewelry pieces to fit just about any taste.


Beautiful necklaces with lovely stones can be a great addition to any jewelry collection.


For a more dainty and elegant feel, this stunning necklace is the perfect subtle accent to create the perfect look!


These unique bracelets can be the perfect way to make a move... sometimes you just need a little help from the perfect gift!


Diamonds are not always a girls best friend, for the more eclectic gal, these purple stone rings are the perfect fit for them!!

Valentine's Day is coming up... Rolling Greens LA is the perfect place to get a head start!

Perfect for your Host!

You’ve got about 3 hours until your biggest holiday party of the season...

Holiday attire: check. Hair & makeup: check. A gift for your host? Yikes! Finding the perfect gift for any host can be extremely challenging, especially when you’re in a time crunch! We adore handcrafted touches, like a burlap bow or iridescent ribbon, to help give a handpicked gift an extra unique touch.

A cookbook is perfect for the host who is always in the kitchen. Cheesemonger’s celebrates all flavors of cheese in 90 amazing recipes; who could resist?  Add silver cheese markers and they’re ready for their next party.


Wrapping paper isn’t necessary for these gifts! Stack two complimentary items and tie them up with burlap and a garland scrap.


A vintage pair of scissors and spool of velvet ribbon tied up in gold is perfect for any crafty host.


Uniquely scented soap in hand painted dishes are sure to please any host who loves to spend their days away at the spa


Candles are the perfect go-to, there’s no way your host won’t waste a second putting this metallic pink beauty it on display.  An embellished frame complements the textured candle vessel making you look like a gift giving pro.


A book for your host paired with our gardener’s soap is sure to sprout a green thumb.


A collection of candles wrapped in craft paper and topped with a handmade bow is sure to show your utmost appreciation.


Nomad, the perfect book that will give your interior fanatic host a global approach to spice up their decor style. Don’t forget a few quirky pieces for them to add to the mix!


We hope you gathered a few ideas to slip up your sleeve for the impending holiday parties and last minute shopping this season! Stop by our Los Angeles or Costa Mesa store to check out our other items (and holiday sale!) that make gift-giving possibilities endless.

Happy Holiday Gifting!