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#GatherWithRG: Summer

If you follow us on Instagram, you've already seen a few shots from our first Gather event. Geared towards encouraging creative collaboration, we launched this series to thank the many tastemakers that we've had the privilege of working with this year. Building community and partnering with local creatives is something our whole team is super passionate about, so we couldn't have been more excited to join everyone together for a beautiful evening under the stars!

When we first began planning this event, we knew exactly where we wanted to stage it. We transformed the exterior succulents beds and patio at our Beverly location by positioning two of our unique dining tables in the space. Our larger succulent benches were flipped around and flanked with bohemian cushions and pillows graciously provided by Found Rentals. After layering in textiles from Hamamlique, we added in custom succulent arrangements and florals. The event began just before sunset, which meant the perfect summer temperature and light. 

Obviously, all great summer events begin with a little Rosé. As our friends arrived, we started the night off with a few fresh appetizers including peach goat cheese crostini and watermelon feta bites. It was so lovely to have so many local creatives together to mingle and meet the people behind the Instagrams! Our guests also created floral hair pieces and received eccentric henna tattoos by artist Shivani Mirpuri.

As ths sun dipped under the horizon and dinner time came, guests served themselves from the delicious spread generously provided by Holy Cow BBQ (one of our absolute favorites!). Antique silver from Rolling Greens Owner Greg Salmeri's personal collection added a unique touch to the cool-toned tablescape. It all came together for the perfect summer BBQ!

As our favorite tastemakers left for the evening, they were gifted with bags which included massage gift cards to our famed neighbor, The NOW, special cactus art prints, and a softening body soap, among other goodies. We had such a wonderful night celebrating a year brimming with creativity and are already planning the next event! Thanks to all of our friends and partners for celebrating with us.

DIY: Mounted Staghorn Ferns

This may be one of our favorite DIYs yet - and not just because you get to play with a staple gun. For our July learn + grow workshop, we had so much fun making pairs of Mounted Staghorn Ferns using recycled coffee bean bags and wooden plaques at our LA location! We love how these pieces are subtle and natural, yet make such a statement in any room - and they're simple to make, too! Read on for a step-by-step guide on making your own, and check out some photos from this fun workshop with Alex Michael May & Mel Denisse

Mounted Staghorn Ferns


  • wooden plaque
  • sawtooth hanger
  • landscaping fabric
  • burlap
  • staghorn fern
  • soil
  • sheet moss
  • staples + staple gun


STEP ONE: Secure your sawtooth hanger to the back of your wooden plaque to establish a top.  This will also allow you to hang your piece easily right after you complete it.

STEP TWO: Next, cut enough of the landscape fabric and burlap to completely encase your staghorn fern. Your landscape fabric should be doubled since it will be folded in half. We suggest making each cut a little bigger than you think necessary, since the fabric will be wrapped around the fern.

STEP THREE: Now, take out your fern from its plastic container and gently shake off any excess soil. Take a small amount of sheet moss and submerge in water. Take it out and squeeze any excess water. Wrap the moss around your fern and place in the landscaping fabric.

STEP FOUR: Next, use your landscaping fabric to make a "pouch" around the fern. Then cover the pouch in burlap and place onto the center of the plaque.

STEP FIVE: Using your staple gun, staple all around the fern into the plaque. It may take a lot of staples, so don't worry if you feel like you just keep stapling away!

STEP SIX: After you are finished stapling, trim off the excess burlap and landscaping fabric. Use another portion of damp sheet moss to add to the top of the fern to cover any visible soil.

STEP SEVEN: Hang your new mounted staghorn fern! We made one large and one small to pair together, but you can make however many you want, of any size!


WATER: You can either mist or soak your Mounted Staghorn Fern. If misting, mist the entire plant, focusing on the underside of the antler fronds and the shield fronds. To soak, place the staghorn plant-side down in a basin or sink full of room-temperature water large enough to hold the entire plaque. Soak the plant for 10-20 minutes, or until the root-ball is saturated. Alternately, place the plaque in a sink or bathtub tap, and allow room temperature water to run through the root ball until saturated. Allow your plant to drip dry before rehanging. A good rule of thumb is to water once per week in dry, hot times of year, and once every 2-3 weeks during cooler months. If your space is really humid, it does not need to be watered as frequently. Less light and less heat = less watering!

LIGHT: Staghorn Ferns need bright, indirect or diffused light to thrive, though they must be protected from the harsh rays of the direct sun. A great place to put your staghorn fern is the brightest space in the home where they will not take direct sun. Rooms with southern and eastern exposures tend to be best, through unobstructed north windows will do. Western light is fine, but be careful, as this afternoon light tends to be hot and harsh. 

A Pop of Green - Interior Plantscaping

As you may have noticed, we do a little bit of everything around here. From customized arrangements to commercial and residential landscaping, private events to unique monthly workshops, we can't help but to work with plants and design in any way we can. Today we wanted to share a Rolling Greens service you may not know about: interior plantscaping!

Whether it's for a private home or a beautiful storefront, we love combining the perfect containers + plants to complement a space. From a small pop of green to complete your #shelfie to large commercial installations, our team works with you starting with the design and all the way to regular maintenance. What better way to bring the beauty of California indoors?

Your decor aesthetic is an extension of your own personality, so we love to get as creative as possible with plantscaping in homes and corporate spaces! We love how this hanging faux-greenery chandelier adds such rich dimension and texture to this beautiful white space. The more uniquely you, the better.

How do you add a pop of green to your indoor spaces? Stop by either location for the perfect houseplants, or check out our new Interior Plantscaping page to see how we can help transform your space. 

Spring Tablescape with Faux Florals

IMG_2990 We know that Spring is here when the major showers start to hit! With the recent rain, we are so excited to see that plenty of foliage and plants are getting hydrated in this California Drought. One of our favorite parts about Spring is of course the amazing florals! We’re not just talking real flowers either—our hearts have been recently set on our faux collection at Rolling Greens. Our large inventory of faux florals are perfect for creating long-lasting, elegant centerpieces that can be used time and time again.

Inspired by the soft hues of the season and faux florals, we created a tablescape that seamlessly transfers your Winter décor straight into Spring! Trust us—no one will believe the centerpiece is faux! See our tips below for creating your own spring table decor, and join us at both Rolling Greens locations to pick out your florals today. Spring is the perfect time to de-clutter and arrange your living space for the new season, so make a pot of coffee and get decorating!


1. To create the focal point of our centerpiece, we used five vintage jars: one large jar in the center, two medium jars on either side, and lastly, two small jars layered in next to the medium jars.

2. Then, we filled the three bigger jars with large florals. Our biggest jar is our main focal point—so we used Protea for vivid colors. Protea are amazing since they have such a unique structure and can be masculine or feminine.


3. For our two medium jars, we layered in white hydrangeas to make a full and voluminous arrangement.

4. For our small jars, we used a pretty blue-green floral and fluffed up the leaves to add volume. Each layer we add in corresponds with the next and filled the voids to create a full and seamless arrangement!


5. Next, we used an assortment of peonies and succulents intertwined with each other to create an extension of the arrangement that reached down both sides of the table.

IMG_3034 IMG_3030

6. For the table setting, we used white chargers (from your winter décor!) and added a cool-toned brown charger on top. To add a pop of color and pattern that ties in with the arrangement, we used our patterned bowls with a pop of blue. Textured pink and blue- toned glasses tied the colors together and an romantic chalice finished each setting.


Have you started decorating your home for Spring yet? Share your decor tips in the comments, or join us in-store to complete your floral & pantry shopping!

Join our Team!
joim our team

We're hiring!

Got the green thumb or all about home + design? We’re excited to share that we are hiring at Rolling Greens! Our team is expanding and we’re on the lookout for new team members and interns for in our Creative Team and retail locations. You can read all about our current openings below and where you may fit into our expanding team!

Please send all applications, resumes, and additional materials regarding employment and internships to Sami Davis at

positions available

Arrangement Bar Designer + Workshop Host | Full Time | Los Angeles

We’re seeking a creative visionary who is continuously pushing the boundaries of designing real and faux plant + floral arrangements. Mediums used include everything from succulents, orchids, indoor plants, outdoor plants, faux, and some florals, among many others. You will interact with customers and clients to create custom pieces and stock our Arrangement Bar with an assortment of arrangements.

Our Arrangement Bar is an extremely unique element to our brand and we pride ourselves on inventing and creating beautiful arrangements on a daily basis for our customers. In addition, we host monthly Learn + Grow workshops and events at that you will lead as a teacher and host by walking guests through steps and providing them with tips/special care information.

In addition to your application, please include a link to your portfolio/website or include an attached portfolio in PDF format.



  • Create and prepare arrangements as assigned by our Lead Barista
  • Create arrangements on a weekly basis specifically for our Arrangement Tables
  • Work outside the box to create unique arrangements that align with our aesthetic
  • Meet with interior designers, customers, and trade experts to design and create arrangements they seek to have made
  • Keep the Arrangement Bar continuously stocked and organized at all times
  • Order supplies to ensure the bar is stocked with items such as gloves, gravel, soil, plants, and more for every day use and specifically for events + workshops.
  • Assist in prepping for monthly workshops and events by clearing the arrangement tables, cleaning and prepping the space, stocking the bar, and set up.
  • Teach and lead our monthly Learn + Grow Workshops and/or additional events. You will work with attendees step by step through the process and assist them as needed
  • Post Event Recover by cleaning off the Arrangement Bar, remerchandising the arrangement tables and cleaning the space of the workshop.


  • Must reside in Southern California
  • Must have minimum of 1 year experience in Plant and/or Floral Design
  • Must have the will to learn and a hard working ethic
  • Have creative ambition and a detailed eye for space and design
  • Possess strong time management skills
  • Exemplary written and verbal communication skills
  • Willingness to teach and host our Events + Workshops
  • Ability to work weekends for Events + Workshops

Sales Associates | Full Time | Los Angeles

We’re seeking a Sales Associates at our Los Angeles Rolling Greens location! Our team is looking for a result-driven retail Sales Associate to be responsible for all sales activities, from lead generation through to close. The successful candidate will be able to elevate company standards, achieve sales goals and meet clients’ expectations.


  • Ensure high levels of customer satisfaction through excellent sales service
  • Assess customers needs and provide assistance and information on product features
  • Go the extra mile to drive sales
  • Maintain in-stock and presentable condition in assigned areas. We are a visually driven store who focuses on maintaining our store displays on a daily basis.
  • Actively seek out customers in store
  • Remain knowledgeable on products offered and discuss available options
  • Cross sell products
  • Team up with co-workers to ensure proper customer service
  • Build productive trust relationships with customers


  • Must reside in Southern California
  • Working experience as a Sales Associate
  • Basic understanding of sales principles and customer service practices
  • Working knowledge of customer and marketing dynamics
  • Interest in Design, Home Décor, and/or Plants
  • Exemplary written and verbal communication skills
  • Customer Service focus
  •  Must be able to lift at least 30 pounds

Landscape Renderer | Full Time | Culver City

We are seeking a Landscape Rendering Artist to join our team and conceptualize + design innovative landscape designs using Adobe Photoshop. The artist will work directly with our Landscape Team to concept out and translate ideas with realistic renderings to present to clients.

In addition, the Landscape Renderer will also create mood boards, plant palettes, and color palettes using Adobe Creative Suite. The artists’ creativity will play a key role in creating & conceiving out-of-the-box ideas!

In addition to your application, please include a link to your portfolio/website or include an attached portfolio in PDF format.

Main Tasks & Responsibilities:

  • Attend client meetings to brainstorm themes and visions for Landscape bids.
  • Work directly with Landscape team to fine-tune visions & concepts, keeping in mind what the company has already accomplished and how you may surpass that with a new design
  • Work on deadlines to deliver clean & well-translated renderings to meet bid deadlines
  • Create mood boards, plant palettes, and color palettes per job/bid.
  • Curate and maintain a plant database and library
  • Maintain & cultivate a Photo Library Database of all renderings, live files, and assets
  • Deliver all final renderings in an InDesign template to create cohesive presentation for clients.


  • Well versed in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
  • Able to manipulate objects in terms of color, texture, size in Photoshop
  • Able to prioritize & work under tight deadlines
  • Have extreme attention for detail
  • Have excellent verbal & written communication skills
  • Knowledge of Landscape Design is a plus, but not mandatory

Visual Merchandiser | Full Time / Part Time | Los Angeles and Culver City

We’re seeking a creative and hands-on Assistant Visual Merchandiser at Rolling Greens! Our team is looking to find a creative visionary who is continuously pushing the boundaries of Visual Merchandising and uses instinct, strategy and creativity to assist in elevating our store environments. You will be working hand in hand with our corporate Creative Team to assist in visual installations, merchandising of all new product, conceptualization of new wall treatments and seasonal display prop design. In this role, you will not only work to create innovative displays, but also ensure that the presentation drives sales and keeps our customers engaged.

In addition, please include a link to your portfolio/website or include an attached portfolio in PDF format.


  • Collaborate with our Creative Team to concept out visual merchandising concepts, strategies, and execution.
  • Create mood boards to assist in concept design
  • Concept design and implementation of seasonal prop design
  • Execute any directives in visual merchandising and inventory management
  • Assist with floor concepts, display builds, and moves within the stores
  • Recover merchandise and displays after weekends and major holidays
  • Deliver creative solutions to merchandising challenges on a daily basis
  • Manage floorset preparation, scheduling, and implementation
  • Ensure all visual displays, display materials, and visual storage is clean and maintained at all times
  • Support and enhance the shipment processing system and replenishment system to maximize profitability


  • Must reside in Southern California
  • Must have minimum of 1 year experience in Visual Merchandising or Interior Design
  • Have creative ambition and a detailed eye for space and design
  • Possess strong time management skills
  • Must have valid US drivers license and reliable form of transportation
  • Exemplary written and verbal communication skills
  • Basic Skills in Photoshop or Illustrator
  • Ability to use a ladder and power tools
  • Ability to move/lift at least 30 pounds

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We’re big believers in interning—what other way to experience and find out what you would love to do? Our internships are great opportunities for any individual who loves to be hands on, is looking for on-the-job experience, and is looking to explore creative career possibilities in the Home + Garden industry. We pride ourselves on giving one-on-one support to our interns and appreciate the intern who comes to the table ready to learn (and to teach us a few tricks, too!)

If you’re interested in an internship, please email Sami Davis at with the answers to the short questionnaire below. Please also include a link to your one of your social media outlets and link/attach your portfolio or samples of your work.

Internship Questionnaire:

Why do you want to Intern with us?

What is your favorite social media outlet and why?

What is your current favorite design trend?

What do you want to learn from us?

Internships Available:

Visual Merchandising:

Our Visual Merchandising Interns will be working hand in hand with our corporate Creative Team to assist in visual installations, merchandising of all new product, conceptualization of new wall treatments and seasonal display prop design. Interns will join us on Tuesdays at our Culver City location and Thursdays at our Los Angeles location and must be enrolled in school as well as have a reliable form of transportation.

Marketing + Photography:

Our Marketing + Photography Interns will be working hand in hand with our corporate Creative Team by curating visual concepts, assisting with photo shoots, editing photos, creating marketing materials, analyzing trends + much more! Interns will join us 1-2 times a week at either our Culver City or Los Angeles location and must be enrolled in school as well as have a reliable form of transportation.

Creative Concept + Prop Design:

Our Creative Concept + Prop Design Interns will work hand in hand with our Commercial Display sister company, Associated Group. You will be working hand in hand with our corporate Creative Team at AG and RG by curating visual concepts for our Commercial Display department, creating mood boards, color palettes, designing displays, and creating renderings in Photoshop. Interns will join us 1-2 times a week at our Associated Group Offices in Commerce, CA.

Purchasing + Sourcing:

Our Purchasing + Sourcing Interns will work hand in hand with our Buying and Creative team by managing vendor relationships, implementing methods for determining product needs, and assisting in purchasing and sourcing in new product, among other tasks. Interns will join us 1-2 times a week at our Culver City and Los Angeles location