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In the Pantry: Fall Necessities.

As the weather gets cooler, the nights get darker, and the gentle rustle of leaves surround us; you know it's time to head into the kitchen to cook up some heart & warm meals! Our Pantry is filled to the brim with kitchen essentials you'll need for this Fall.  Big soup bowls, cozy mugs, and pretty plates are some of our must haves. Come take a look around!

IMG_9497 copy IMG_9499 copy

Our Pantry is always changing! Lots of new items are pouring in for the season. We love a classic cottage inspired vignette, complete with vintage blue mason jars, antique scales, and flying pigs!

IMG_9504 copy IMG_9505 copy

Even better than flying pigs? Our pig-inspired salt & pepper shakers! You can kick up any table with a cute pair of these piglets. A dish rack makes for a darling display paired with stacks of plates against our aged wood cabinets in the Pantry.

IMG_9508 copy IMG_9510 copy

We love a classic white or ivory dish! They are so versatile and make all of the colors in your Fall inspired dishes pop!

IMG_9517 copy IMG_9520 copy Wood-like accents lend a hand to the extreme charm on mugs, plates, bowls, and more! We love these for the ultimate woodsy, rustic ambience. They would definitely intrigue any guest at the dinner table.

IMG_9524 copy IMG_9527 copy

We weren't kidding about those big soup bowls! Double handles and a saucer mean business. We love how quaint, yet sturdy, these soup bowls are!

IMG_9536 copyIMG_9532 copy

A fleur de lis detail on our mugs add a hint of France, making the perfect addition to any cottage-inspired kitchen! One of our favorites for Fall entertaining glass cake plates & domes! Pretty desserts on a pretty display.. What's not to like?

IMG_9548 copy IMG_9538 copy Matches are getting a makeover in these cool boxes decorated with illustrations of flatware. Not to mention our love of cookbooks in store.. It's definitely time to make some delicious pies this season (apple picking season is here!)

IMG_9540 copy IMG_9541 copy

Our cocktail books carry some amazing mixes we can't wait to try ourselves! Mighty Spice Express packs a ton of recipes with a delicious punch of spices in an array of warm, hearty dishes! Whether you're on the hunt for a few new pieces to add, or are transforming your kitchen for the season, we've got your Fall essentials! Stop by our Los Angeles store to shop our Pantry!