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RG Meets: Lovelyfest

We were so excited about this month's RG Meets interview with Lovelyfest, it took a good amount of restraint to keep it under wraps! Lovelyfest is an  Event Design company in SoCal that utilizes unique & innovative ideas to create an out-of-the-box, unforgettable event. They also have the cutest Etsy shop with amazing handmade decor! We were infatuated with all of the work we saw across their Instagram & on their website, we knew it it was an interview that needed happen. Sisters, Natalie & Stephanie are two extremely talented women who put together this amazing Summer Engagement Party shoot for today's blog post! We also got to chat with them about all the details.


This Summer Engagement party looks so amazing, we love it! (Who doesn't want a party all about love?) Can you tell us a little about the shoot & what inspired you? This stunning and intimate engagement dinner is the perfect start to celebrating your engagement. With just six guests, the newly engaged couple can share their evening and the happy news with those closest to them. Inspired by the Pantone color of the year, Radiant Orchid, we built a color scheme of lavender, pinks, golds, yellows and black and white stripes. Mismatched Kate Spade dishes and glassware were paired with offset gold flatware and glittered taper candles. This all made for a glamorous yet playful and inviting dinner. Set at a large round table accessorized with white Shine By S.H.O leather chairs, the newly engaged couple is able to celebrate comfortably with their family members and talk about all that is ahead!

No engagement is complete without an enchanting love story, so placed center stage is their love story- handwritten on a beautiful acrylic and gold frame. This ornate frame is adorned with a beautiful gold garland, tissue and gold foil paper flowers, making sure to catch everyone’s attention. Each place setting has custom acrylic place cards handwritten in playful calligraphy in radiant orchid and pink. The color scheme is tied into even the littlest of details. An acrylic and gold frame was placed on the table letting all the guests know what's on the menu for dinner. Hand dyed coral napkins with ball fringe make the setting inviting and add a fun element. On the menu for dessert was homemade kettle corn since he “popped the question”! Little take-home bags said “she said yes!”, giving this simple dessert a fun play on words with the engagement theme. Set on a crisp white and gold tray table, this popcorn dessert station is the perfect ending to a small gathering! This shoot is sure to inspire brides, as well as mothers of the bride & groom to throw a stylish, intimate dinner for loved ones, and to begin a fun season of celebration!


We’ve got to know…What persuaded you to jump into the event designing business?Lovelyfest unofficially began during the planning and designing of Natalie’s own wedding in 2008. She knew she wanted a unique and beautiful event, and realized she was the only one who could realize her dreams! Soon after she discovered she had a passion for all things weddings and parties. Taking what she experienced in her own wedding, she started designing and coordinating them for her friends and family. She got me (her sister Stephanie) on board after graduating from college and together we started Lovelyfest together in January 2013.

LF-engagementlunch_009-3379314760-O LF-engagementlunch_012-3379315283-O

 Tell us more; tell us more! What is a day in the life like in the team of the fabulous Lovelyfest duo? A day with the two of us always begins with one thing- coffee! We usually go down to this cute coffee shop by the beach to get ice blended espresso drinks. Then we’ll take a walk and talk about our latest ideas and inspirations for our current projects. Most likely we need to source for an event or wedding, so we’ll go shopping at antique, thrift, and art supply stores. After that we’ll go home and get on our computers and phones, catching up with clients, vendors, and keeping up on social media. Once we’ve checked a few boxes off our to-do lists, we’ll usually tackle craft projects or do more design brainstorming while hanging out with Natalie’s new baby boy, Hudson!

LF-engagementlunch_035-3379319068-OLF-engagementlunch_020-3379316490-O  There’s so much that goes into event design that a lot of people are really unaware of, what is your favorite part about the process? Our favorite part about the whole process is the moment when we just click with our bride & groom (or client) about what exactly they want their day to look and feel like. At first there’s a lot of ideas thrown around and brides often have huge Pinterest boards of inspiration. We go through these, talk with the couple, and try to nail down the general design scheme. Once this happens, we feel like we have more creativity to share and we can really get into the design aspects of things. We love the process of narrowing down ideas into an event that is unique and special to them, and one that will be timeless!

LF-engagementlunch_038-3379319381-O LF-engagementlunch_041-3379319932-O

Do you have any crucial tips for those who are jumping into the business or planning an event? We think it’s important to stay true to what you believe in doing. If you’re main thing is design (like ours is), then don’t offer to just show up and tell people what to do! That won’t help you to advance further in your career (or a career that you desire to have). We’ve realized that we don’t need to play all the cards- there’s people for every job and we like to do ours to the best of our ability. Also, when planning an event, try to stay even-keeled and calm! It can really help you, your team, and any other vendors you come in contact with!

LF-engagementlunch_056-3379322813-O LF-engagementlunch_057-3379323057-O

 We are so in LOVE with the shoot you put together (Hence, us prodding for even more info!) What inspired your theme choice? Thank you so much! This shoot is one that we loved as well. We really wanted to put together a small dinner party, and after thinking long and hard we finally realized that there’s a point in the whole wedding process that is sometimes overlooked. This is the engagement! With this dinner party, there’s only 6 seats at the table- bride, groom, and their sets of parents. What better way than to get your two sets of parents together before the wedding since many parents don’t even meet until the day of! They can talk and actually celebrate this exciting time ahead without being too far into the planning to stress! We figured that if any guy is going to throw an engagement party surprise for his girl, he’d want it to reflect her and make her happy. Thus the pink, purple, gold and girly theme we have going on!


The themes you’ve created for events are so unique! What has been your favorite event to design so far? Thank you! Our favorite event was a wedding called “Bianca and Carson” in our portfolio. We put up three huge tents in the middle of  a barren field and worked together with both sets of parents to make the bride and groom’s dreams come to life. This wedding was romantic and intimate even with over 300 wedding guests! Tall candles, gold accents, lush florals, and an absolutely stunning setting all added to the charm of this day. Since the groom was a bit of a cowboy, and the bride more of a city-girl, we tried to blend the two themes without being too “rustic” or too “glam”. We think it all came together perfectly! The day was magical and romantic, and working with the most adorable and sweet couple made it a thousand times more special.


We’ve noticed some quirky Summer trends popping up like pineapples. anchors, donuts... Any thoughts on these funky trends or what you want to see popping up next? Love all three of those things! We think it’s important to have fun and play around with trends, but we don’t think making every inanimate object into a pineapple is the way to go either. A nice balance of timelessness and trendiness is where we like to be! We think one trend that’s going to be huge is making signage out of different materials other than chalkboards- like lucite, acrylic (what’s used in our shoot), and natural materials like stones and geodes!

LF-engagementlunch_085-3379328908-O LF-engagementlunch_092-3379330389-O

What is your favorite moment or memory as an entrepreneur on your journey together? Growing as entrepreneurs together has been such a fun and insightful time! As sisters we’ve gotten closer than we’ve ever been and we have so much fun working together. We’ve really learned how to utilize each of our strengths in business and have realized that our personalities balance each other out so well! We each have different ways of doing things, but somehow always have the same vision in design. Sometimes it feels like we’re reading each other’s minds! We push each other to think outside the box and constantly throw ideas each others way. After over a year of working together we haven’t gotten in any arguments and we don’t see any coming in the future- pretty good for being sisters!

(Ok.. so we are seriously in love with those lucite signs!)


One item you’re currently obsessing over (and seriously need in your life right now): We’re obsessing over the “foodie” trend right now. We love how wedding food has become fun and interesting and it definitely has become more personalized. No more simple fish or beef- now it’s more like gourmet sliders, jalapeño mac and cheese, and funky late-night-snacks! Food can be diversified in so many ways, so why stick to the boring stuff? We think this is an awesome trend and love when couples add personality to their food!

Venue: Private Residence in San Luis Obispo, CA | Photography: Cameron Ingalls  | Event Design: Lovelyfest |Florals: Lori Boe  | Paper Flowers and Acrylic Signage: Lovelyfest Goods
How can you not fall in love with the amazing styling & personalities of Stephanie & Natalie!? They are seriously the sweetest! We loved having the chance to chat & interview these busy ladies; we're definitely inspired to create something (or throw a party..) We hope you are too!