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Drought Tolerant: A palette of California friendly plantings

We say forget what you think you know! Drought tolerant doesn't have to be dull, colorless, or boring. We believe the beauty is in the details. With the lack of water available due to the five year drought California has placed many restrictions on watering your garden. Luckily for us our talented team knows how to re-imagine your environments from planted container gardens, to sprawling backyards and large commercial installations. Drought tolerant gardening will provide lower water usage and reduced maintenance. And who doesn't love beautiful backyards that are easy upkeep? drought tolerant landscape

You might object to the idea of saying “au revoir" to your traditional lush green grass, as many people do. However, the experts at Rolling Greens know the vast amount of plants that are California friendly. There’s a number of plants that can survive even the hottest of summers. Many drought tolerant plants might even surprise you, we’re looking at you lavender and rosemary!

bottlebrush plant

kangaroo paw

aloe ferox


There is many trends that implement drought friendly gardening, one of our favorites is planted container gardens. It’s organized and extremely easy to maintain. Not to mention our shelves are busting with pots and planters of all shapes, sizes, and styles. If you need some inspiration check out our friends at Garden Design .

Creating your drought tolerant oasis isn't difficult and is an opportunity for a refreshed landscape or commercial property. Don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest to fuel your creative mind.

Cacti Tips & Tricks.

All year round Cacti bask in the sun, winding their spines as they grow and blooming delicately in Spring & Summer. These often overlooked beauties are ready to move into the spotlight! Cacti are members of a huge family that includes more than 1,300 species and most cacti have virtually no leaves. Instead, their swollen stems have evolved to take the place of leaves. You don't want to miss out on cultivating one of your own these cool cacti!

IMG_6558 copy IMG_6671 copy

top image: aloe humilis | bottom image: euphorbia ammak variegate

TIP 1:  Most cacti need as much light as possible (with a few exceptions for some species who need a little less.) It's crucial to place your cactus in an area that has no shade and plenty of nice, hot sun!  Also, if you are watering or spraying your plants, do it after the sun has set, as water droplets can act as lenses in the daytime and burn the tender skin of your plants.

IMG_8977 copy IMG_9120 copy

 top image: cleistocactus | bottom image: euphorbia ammak variegate

TIP 2:  The worst enemy of cacti is overwatering it.  Test the soil with a thin wooden stick or a pencil in the soil. If soil sticks to it when removed,  don't water your cacti!  When you are watering you plant, make sure you do give them plenty of water and water it very slowly as deep in the ground as you can, this prevents the cactus from stressing out.IMG_9134 copyIMG_4709 copyIMG_4704 copy

top image: cleistocactus | two bottom images: aloe ferox

TIP 3:  Cacti need pots that are porous, like unglazed terra-cotta is ideal, so the potting soil can dry quickly. Glazed pots are attractive but they don't dry out as fast, and that can lead to root rot in cacti. We also advise repotting every 3-5 years!

Whether you're taking a small step towards the cacti community with a smaller species, or jumping right in with a huge cactus for your garden, we're sure that you've got a better foundation for getting started! Cacti are plants with low maintenance and can grow to make twisting, winding pieces of living art that can amplify any space. Happy Gardening!

Surviving the Drought!

This year's drought has taken a hold of California, leaving most of the state with extreme conditions and with many SoCal cities, like LA, with water restrictions. With a major cutback on how much we're using our hoses, we know that the lovely leaves you may have just planted could be suffering , too. Plants are the base of the food chain and sustain our habitats, it's important we keep them healthy and thriving. We've highlighted some drought-friendly plants that will help cheer up your garden!

dr_1 dr_8

Lavender is a great shrubby perennial that has fire-resistant characteristics, is great for slopes, and attracts all kind of wildlife from the buzzing bees to lovely butterflies. A lush succulent never fails in the sun, as they love the heat!

dr_2 dr_7

Variegated Thyme is also another great drought-resistant pick that does well in the shade. The fragrant aroma keeps wildlife around, plus you've got an amazing fresh herb perfect for kitchen use!

dr_3 dr_4

Creeping Thyme makes a lovely, fragrant ground cover and is an extremely low maintenance plant that requires very, very little care.

dr_5dr_6 The bold, succulent Agave creates an architectural focal point that will refresh your garden. It's drought tolerant and an excellent choice for a dry, sunny spot!

A great way to cut back on your water usage is to train your plants to use less water: water as needed to keep the root system moist but not saturated until the plants become established. Happy Gardening!