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DIY Pumpkin Succulent Arrangements.

Fall is in full swing & that means: PUMPKINS! We love these squashes of the season and figuring out all the fun new ways to creatively use them each year.  We had our October Learn + Grow Workshop this past Saturday, which is always a fun-filled saturday creating succulent pumpkin arrangements! (If you didn't go, you definitely missed out!) We wanted to share our secrets on how to create our signature pumpkin succulent arrangements!

Step 1

 STEP 1 | Gather up your tools & what you'll need. These items include:

- Pumpkin, any kind will do, but the fairytale pumpkins have always been our favorite! Pumpkins with a flat top will work best for this project. - Moss - Hot Glue or Crafting Glue - As many Succulents as you wish! - Floral Wire

Step 2

Step 2 | Use a hot glue gun (or crafting glue) to adhere the moss onto the top of the pumpkin. You want the moss to be about 1″ deep. Trim the edges when you’re done.

Step 3 Step 4

Step 4 | Begin to arrange the succulents. Start with the large cuttings first and fill in with the smaller ones. Make sure you pack them in tightly and try to shake off as much excess dirt as possible so you can add more in!

Step 5 Step 6 Step 7

Step 5 & 6: Use floral wire cut into small segments and folded in half (like pins!) to keep your succulents in place so they don't slide around on top of your pumpkin. After that, you're all done! You've made your very own Pumpkin Succulent Arrangement. Too easy right?!


Take a peek at our amazing workshop we had this weekend! EVERYONE was so creative and did such a great job creating their own arrangements!

IMG_9907 copy IMG_9908 copy

These lovely ladies are starting off the class right! Checking which succulents are the largest and using them as a focal point; then working around that focal point.

IMG_9909 copy IMG_9915 copy

We got down and dirty with a bunch of the mini 2" succulents we had in store. Too much fun!

IMG_9916 copy IMG_9922 copy IMG_9943 copy They turned out great, didn't they!? We always have ton of fun during this workshop every year! We get so excited over Fall and jumping head first into a season of holidays and celebrations. Both of our locations have all of the tools you'll need to create these awesome pumpkin succulent arrangements. Don't forget to stop by if you need any tools or tips & tricks! Happy Crafting!

DIY Tillandsia String Art.

There's no denying our love for Tillandsia these days, so we decided to create a DIY that would put these unique plants on display in an innovative way. The final product?  Some extremely easy wall art that perfectly nests your Tillandsia using only yarn, nails, and a wood plaque. These geometric inspired pieces are perfect for hanging on your walls, for your greenhouse, or placed on a shelf to compliment a vignette.  These are very customizable pieces that can be painted or stained and the yarn used to create the geometric qualities can be swapped for rustic twine or industrial leather!

First off, you'll need: - A wood plaque (We got ours at the nearest craft store!) - Nails - A hammer - Yarn or string in the color of your choice - Scissors - 2-3 Tillandsia

IMG_0398 copy IMG_0407 copy

Start by mapping out where you would like your nails to go. This is crucial if you're dreaming up a fancy design for your yarn to create! If you're more of an organic type of creator, then we suggest you just go crazy. We decided to put nails evenly along the outside of the plaque and make almost a hexagon out of the interior nails.

IMG_0410 copy IMG_0416 copy

Time to get started! Double knot your yarn around one of the nails, you can start anywhere!

IMG_0429 copy IMG_0440 copy As you start to make your design and move onto your first nail, make sure you wrap the yarn in a circular motion around each nail so the yarn doesn't slip off and stays nice and tight. (See top photo)  Then move along to your other nails to make your design!

IMG_0446 copy IMG_0451 copy

We had Helen, our Visual Merchandiser, help us out and create one of her own. She went the organic route, leaving some of the exterior edges bare and getting extremely geometric! We love how these turn out in such a unique way! All you have to do next is pop in your tillandsia & nestle them into the yarn.

IMG_0455 copy IMG_0462 copy

We had to do some color testing, too! The red against naked wood looked amazing (especially in time for Fall!) but we wanted to see what a softer side of this project could look like. We painted a larger plaque pale grey and contrasted with mustard yarn. Pop of color? Yes, please!

IMG_0470 copy IMG_0474 copy

Circular plaques are included!  We think these would look amazing mixed together with different shapes, sizes, and hues to create an entire gallery wall.

IMG_0480 copy IMG_0488 copy

We're still obsessed with how easy and amazing this DIY is. So many visitors inquired about these pieces of wall art as we were out and about creating at our Culver City store; we're so glad it inspired you! We'd love to see you create your own and share it with us. Happy Crafting!

DIY Recycled Bottle Vases!

Reuse, Recycle, and Reclaim! Nothing beats taking a piece of trash and turning it into a treasure, which is exactly what we wanted to do. With outdoor entertaining at an all time high, we saw that glass bottles were being easily tossed aside and took the chance to create a simple, fun DIY perfect for Summer! With only glass bottles and a few colors of spray paint, these DIY recycled bottle vases make the perfect centerpiece for your next outdoor celebration!

IMG_8514 copy

We spray-painted our used glass bottles with a white base coat and let them dry overnight, then selected a metallic spray paint as our accent color to create some contrast. After they dry, turn the bottle upside down (and don't forget to protect the area you're working over with scrap paper), then spray the paint with light pressure at a 45 degree angle over the bottle. Move the  can upwards on the bottle while continuously spraying another layer to achieve a subtle ombre effect!

IMG_8456 copyIMG_8473 copy

 We also spray painted a few bottles entirely with the metallic bronze color to create a mixture of finishes. Make sure to let the bottles dry at least overnight before adding water. The next step; add a mixture of your favorite flowers! We chose a palette of purple, pinks, and greens for a pop of color.

IMG_8524 copyIMG_8493 copyIMG_8539 copy

Stunning. easy, and a great way to recycle! We can't wait to put these vases to use for the rest of Summer. What color would you love to see these in? Happy Crafting!

DIY: Clay Imprint Dish

The perfect dish for your vanity! Top it with your jewelry, create a place your favorite perfume bottle, or pile on your stray hair accessories. With a bit of air-dry clay and one single circle cutter, you can create this gorgeous, delicate clay imprint dish. Trust us, you’ll love it!

IMG_3352 copy

IMG_3351 copy

After you’ve gotten all of your tools together, take your clay out of the package and mold it in your hands to soften it up. Remember to close up the rest of the clay tightly when you aren’t using it so it won’t dry up.

IMG_3367 copy

We found a flat surface and then laid down wax paper to prevent the clay from sticking to anything. After that, we used a rolling pin to roll it out until our circle cutter could create a complete circle

IMG_3388 copy

We then placed our cutter down, removed the excess clay, and voila! We have a circle. You can stop here if you love a minimalistic look and let it dry after shaping it in a bowl, or you can create some extra detail.

IMG_3390 copy

IMG_3393 copy

We placed our circle over a doily to add a feminine touch and rolled it out once more over the doily to make the imprint. After that we used our circle cutter once more to keep the shape.

IMG_3416 copy

Take your clay circle and place it in a bowl so that it dries into the shape of a dish. Let it sit overnight in a dry place and in the morning you have an extremely gorgeous clay imprint dish!

IMG_3420 copy

IMG_3423 copy

IMG_3458 copy

We weren’t kidding when we said it was easy! These small dishes also make the cutest gift when wrapped up with a piece of jewelry. We love these dishes and heavily encourage experimenting with the finishes. A watercolor wash, glaze, or gilded accent would create an amazing finish. Don’t forget to share your projects with us. Happy Crafting!