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Learn + Grow: Fall Floral Styling

Florals, Cocktails & your girlfriends - who wouldn't like this combo?! With a new season in full gear, we had the pleasure of kicking off our Fall-inspired workshops with our Floral Styling + Mixology workshop a fews ago! We loved how simple these arrangements were to make, yet make such a statement in a room. Read on for a step-by-step guide on making your own arrangement!

Fall Styling Design Tips

Color | It can be overwhelming where you begin planning an arrangement, using color as your first filter is a great way to narrow your selection. If you’re shopping for an event, make sure you have a color scheme first so you can shop accordingly. It’s best to design with one to two focal colors in mind to give you a direction to move towards. So, how do you choose parings?

You can opt for analogous colors, which means the colors located close to each other on the color wheel, such as purples and blues or red and pinks. Alternatively, you can pick opposing colors, such as burgundy and yellow blooms.                                          

Find Your Focus | Hone in on either one or several prominent blossoms to anchor your design and give a dramatic presence. Any bloom can be your focal point, but seasonal varieties never disappoint since they are their peak. Ranunculus, dahlias, peonies, protea and roses are great choices. 

Texture + Size | Contrast is an essential to creating your arrangement. Think of playing with different shapes, such as the spiky look of a dahlia with a soft anemone. Seek beauty in the juxtaposition of the rough and smooth!

Design With Foliage | Many often forget that arrangements are not just flowers, but also foliage. Add vines, leafy greens, berries, vines, and even fern cutting to  design around your focal florals. Foliage creates which adds character, texture and shape without distracting from your floral focal points. In many cases, you can even make foliage the focal point of your pieces.

Source Locally | Lucky for us LA natives, the Los Angeles Flower Mart located in DTLA is an amazing place with no shortage of a variety of florals and foliage. If you haven’t been, take a walk around the entire mart to get a sense of which vendors provide certain types of flowers. Chat with vendors to make connections and become familiar with what is in season! Bringing cash is highly recommended. 

Essential Techniques + Tips

Vessels | You can use just about any container for florals, which can be very fun! However, not every container is waterproof nor are they designed to hold water. In this case, make sure to find a smaller waterproof container or plastic liner to slip inside the vessel

Don’t Rush It Don't rush while putting your arrangement together, this is the fun part! If you;re not achieving the look you want, just start again. Take your time and let natures bloom guide you.

Arrange by Size Work from large at small. Anchor your large pieces first and then work around them. Focal flowers should be placed so you can see from every angle. 

Stripping | Most make the mistake of taking florals straight to vessels without any maintenance. You do need to strip your flowers however! Stripping is the process of removing any leaves on the stems of your florals that will be submerged in your water. You can leave some leaves at the base of your floral to add volume, as you can remove all. If you skip this step, your florals will not last as long, since the leaves will make your water moldy fairly quickly. 

Water | The key ingredient for good floral maintenance is water! Make sure your florals are supplied with plenty o water, and that starts right at the mart and stretches through prep and ten the final product. 

Fine-Tune Blossoms While natural beauty is more appealing than anything, not every bloom is perfect. This is where pruning comes in. If there are buds that distract from the overall arrangement, don’t be afraid to remove them. Eliminate petals that are broken or borrowing and trim any leaves competing for water. 

Keep ‘em  cool | Always place finished arrangements in a cool space. Check the water frequently — you would be surprised how much flowers can drink! 

Essential Tools

Buckets | To hold your florals while you work and keep them hydrated

Pruning Shears and scissors | To strip florals, trip leaves and petals and cut thicker stems 

Floral Wire & Floral Tape To help secure any florals. You can use wire to help wrap and arrange smaller stems as well as create structured pieces, like boutonnieres. Floral tape is self sealing tape and can be used to wrap stems or create bouquets.

Clear Floral Tape | If you’re using the grid technique, this tape is great since it is transparent and sticks to a variety of vessels.

Oasis Floral Foam | If you’re creating arrangements for an event, this floral foam is your friend! Just dunk in water and it will absorb. Stick fresh florals in and the foram will keep them hydrated and in place throughout any event. It also comes in a variety of size allowing you to create floral wreaths, hearts, and 3D shapes. 

Our Fall workshops + events are just getting started! Check out our Pairing + Styling Wine & Cheese workshops here and save your spot!

#RGathome: Bungalow Living with Sara Karkenny

Beautiful design, stunning light, and the perfect pop of green - the #karkennybungalow has everything you need for the loveliest of spaces. We’ve known the wonderful Sara Karkenny since her days of being a Rolling Greens intern and we are so excited to give you a peek into her beautiful bungalow today! We love the minimalist yet cozy feel of their home, with its rustic color scheme and simple statement pieces expertly arranged to complement the white walls. It’s always a great feeling to see Rolling Greens plants worked into our friends’ vision for their homes, and we’re totally inspired by how Sara mixed her picks into the living room! Keep reading to hear more from Sara about the bungalow, and find more inspiration on her Instagram.

“When my husband and I found our little bungalow (#karkennybungalow) we knew it was the perfect place to reside.  It sits between the ocean and our favorite local farmers market. In this at home shoot we did with Angelica Marie Photography, we wanted to capture the authenticity of our space and incorporate the story of our little home.  

Being an interior stylist, our aesthetic was quite important to us, and setting our home up as an oasis meant lots of plants!  With all of my clients, I try to teach them what helps their home the most so that when I am done creating their space they can continue to enhance it as they please.”

“Plants for me are the number one accessory any home should have.  It instantly brings life to space that other objects can’t.  Material things have to be paired with something that breathes or else the space will look cold and uninviting -  it’s just all about asking what you want your home to feel like.”

“When we were choosing plants we had to be mindful about how we would care for them and the best conditionings and lighting for each.  You always have to take into consideration that different plants give off different personalities and it depends on what your space looks like, not any plant looks good, there is careful and thoughtful consideration when I pick out foliage for my clients as well as for this little bungalow of ours.  For example fiddle figs, a popular type right now, pair really well with harsher silhouettes and materials like leather and jute.  It’s a soft edged plant so it balances well with the body of different types of modern/mid century furniture.”

"After interning for Rolling Greens during college, I continued to fall in love with their product long after I gave my goodbye hugs.  Their stores have such an amazing atmosphere, their visual team's creativity continues to inspire their customers and bring a nursery experience to a new level.  I love shopping at stores for both myself and my clients where the store itself feels inviting and beautiful and well loved. Working in retail for so long, the shopper's experience is such a priority to me, I am extremely picky about where I spend my time to source out product for both my own home and my client's homes.  I spend hours sourcing daily and want to gain inspiration along the way, and Rolling Greens provides that.  

Their plants have always kept so well.  The quality is amazing, especially with someone like me who does not have a green thumb.  Their staff is always so helpful and knowledgable, and that is half of the shopper's experience in my book. Rolling Green's provides a lot more than just their foliage, with wonderful events and all the creative collaborations they do, they create a mini world of beauty that you can find a little shopper's refuge in."

Huge thanks to Sara and Angelica Marie Photography for sharing your little corner of the world with us! Anybody else officially read7 to move in? All the heart eyes for the #karkennybungalow.

Do you have a favorite #RGathome moment you’d like to share? Tag your photos on Instagram or tell us more in the comments!

#RGathome: Behind the Scenes with Designer Max Humphrey
Photo by Lu Tapp via

Photo by Lu Tapp via

It’s no secret that we love nothing more than a bright pop of green in a living space. No, really - invite us over for dinner and we’ll probably try to sneak a house plant into your living room. One of the fun things we get to do at Rolling Greens is collaborate with talented interior designers to help them bring their vision to life with the perfect indoor greenery. We were so excited to work with Portland-based designer Max Humphrey this spring while he designed a bright and gorgeous office space for the amazing Meghan Rienks!

Max joined us at our Beverly location to choose the plants that best fit his California-inspired design. He let us know that the big thing he was looking for was a large house plant to cover a big vessel, so we started there. Since Max was looking for something bushier, with height and full leaves, we decided on a Fishtail Palm. We then chose more basket-sized plants to cover smaller vessels in the room, along with some to hang. On his favorite plants to style with, Max said “I like stuff that looks a little more wild...I like fluffy stuff with big leaves. Succulents are great - especially in California.”

It’s always a pleasure when Max drops in! We asked how he first began shopping at Rolling Greens:

“There’s a turning point with clients when they go to you for everything - down to the coffee table books, house, artwork or what color car to buy. And plants have become a way to make a room feel finished, because clients see houses in magazines and they look really finished - and the last step of accessorizing is plants, which bring life - it’s my favorite part. I latched onto Rolling Greens because it is well-curated. When you’re new to plants and you go to a greenhouse, you just get lost and give up. This one is tightly curated and manageable. There’s enough product, but not too much.”

It was so inspiring to be part of Max’s design process, and we wouldn’t be more obsessed with how he incorporated his picks into the final product - Meghan, can we move in? Read on for a few photos of the gorgeous space, or check out the full tour on Wayfair, Megan’s blog, or her fabulous YouTube channel!

Photo by Lu Tapp via

Photo by Lu Tapp via

Photo by Lu Tapp via

Photo by Lu Tapp via

Photo by Lu Tapp via

Photo by Lu Tapp via

learn + grow: Mounted Staghorn Ferns

We're so excited about this month's learn + grow workshop! On Sunday, July 24th, our Baristas will show you how to create two of your very own mounted staghorns! We'll be using vintage coffee bean bags and hand-stained wooden plaques, and we couldn't be more inspired by this textile and combination. The two sizes can be mixed and matched with your existing wall art to create depth and texture, and the colors will integrate well into any color scheme. We're also excited to have our friends Alex Michael May and Mel Denisse join us for this fun day of DIYing!

photo by our own  Siena

photo by our own Siena


Your large size will be 16" x 20" inches and include a 6" staghorn fern, while your small size will be 10" x 10" and include a 4" staghorn fern. Pair them together, or have one in your bedroom and one in your living room for a pop of green all over the house! Reserve your spot at the workshop now - we can't wait. 


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset If you're following us on Instagram, you probably witnessed a bit of what we call overgramming on Saturday. We just couldn't help it! We spent the day at the amazing Create & Cultivate conference at Hudson Loft with a ton of creative bloggers, makers, entrepreneurs, and creatives. We were thrilled to provide plant decor for the event, and spent the days leading up to Saturday designing, hauling, setting up and decorating all different kinds of greenery and decor!


From air plants to trees, faux to real, we had a little bit of everything added into Saturday's decor. We had such a great time combining our plants with all of the other amazing decor from other members of the Create & Cultivate team! We love how the tillandsia added a bit of whimsy to the piece above, and how the trees in front of the window looked against the backdrop of cloudy downtown Los Angeles. Everything just came together so well.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

We also had a popup shop on the rooftop with a ton of new pretty things for sale. Our team did an incredible job of choosing and arranging candles, pots, terrariums and more, and it was perfect that it happened to be the day before Mother's Day! It was wonderful to meet so many of the attendees as they shopped, and we also got to lead a terra cotta macrame workshop during a break in the schedule!



What a day. Big thanks to the Create & Cultivate team, everyone who came by to say hello, and to our team for putting in all the work to make the decor a success! It was definitely a day for the books, and we can't wait to see what they come up with next!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset