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Our Staff Reveals Their Favorites: Culver City

Our talented staff at Culver City is at it again…this week their favorite product picks range from tropical plants to beautiful containers.

Here are their top picks and why they chose what they did…


We love Ana’s favorite plant, the colorful and tropical Croton. Croton’s have beautiful variegated leaves in shades of yellow, red, and green. They are an easy plant to grow indoors and add a splash of color to brighten any space.


Jose Luis has chosen these decorative French pots as his favorite product. These containers are durable and come in highly detailed designs. Ranging in size and shape, they are the perfect accent for your potted garden and outdoor space.


Juan B. has selected stone statues as his favorite pick for the week. These serene statues create a calm, relaxing environment for your garden. Featuring unique details, each statue is one-of-a-kind making your garden an oasis unlike any other.


Succulents are an all-star favorite among our staff! This week they are Nicolas’ favorite pick because of their unique look and their low maintenance care. With their striking forms and unusual colors, succulents are an important design element in gardens. They can also be combined in a variety of containers to create amazing artistic arrangements.


Our indoor plant expert Sonia has selected orchids as her favorite product. Sonia likes orchids because they are beautiful and delicate. A single orchid potted in a small container can make a great statement. Orchids can also be included in arrangements to add height and additional color.

Our Culver City team constantly amazes us with their product knowledge, talent, and creativity. Stop by our Culver City store to say hello and check out all of their favorite products and more!