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Rainy Days in LA

Photo Jan 05, 11 43 55 AM El Niño is here!

If you're an LA local, you've probably been holed up in your house the last few days as we've been hit by the heaviest rain in a while. It's probably made your commute to work a bit more unpleasant, but we can't deny, we're kind of loving this gloomy weather. For one, California needs it after such a long drought! And also, it means we can stay indoors and get a little cozy.

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 1.26.56 PM

It can be easy to over-water succulents, so you may choose to cover them or bring them indoors when it rains - but don't they look beautiful with a coat of rain on them?

Since it sounds like El Niño is going to be around for a while this winter, one of the best ways to stay cozy and happy inside is to bring the outdoors in! Stock up on indoor plants to bring a touch of greenery to your home and you won't miss the sunshine quite as much. Stop by either of our locations to learn more about plants that thrive indoors!

With the weather so rainy this week, we've had a few Rolling Greens customers share their cozy home views accented with plants they've found at Rolling Greens. Here are a few of our favorites from @allazafaire, @iamlindsayflores, and @ihatespencernuzzi:

RG Collage

Our other favorite way to stay warm & cozy? Light a beautiful candle and let the scent fill your home for the evening. Whether you're hosting a dinner party or on the couch for a Netflix marathon (let's be honest, best way to spend a rainy day), nothing turns a house into a home quicker than a candle burning.


We have so many amazing candles in store, including this beauty from Skeem Design. Now that the holidays are over, it's the perfect time to redecorate your living space and bring in things that create your ideal room. What's your favorite way to cozy up your home?

Color of the Season: Rusted Red

 Rusted Red InspoRusted Red Palette

Rust: the red or orange coating that forms on the surface of iron when exposed to air and moisture, Red: any of various colors resembling the color of blood; the primary color at one extreme end of the visible spectrum.

As we fall into Autumn, the colors deepen, darken, and become rich with moody tones. What was once a bright tomato red had transformed onto the Rusted Red that is sure to consume Fall color palettes. Pair the striking hue with mustard yellow and deep navy for a remix on the classic Primary colors. If you want a neutral based palette, pair with a grey-beige and muted grey-brown.

Our stores are transforming for Fall. (we're so excited!) So, be sure to stop by & shop this amazing color to update your once-Summer dream home into a cozy, Fall abode.

IMG_9699 copy IMG_9817 copy

Peonies aren't just for summer anymore! Add these faux red Peonies to your home for an instant touch of rusted red! We also love the tones and highlights on these hydrangeas. Who knew faux could look so, so good?

IMG_9818 copy IMG_9820 copy

A deep shade on roses create a moody & romantic ambience. Pair them with shades of grey throughout your decor along with white pumpkins for a contrasting look! Even better? Rusted red pumpkins,. Love!

IMG_9822 copy IMG_9830 copy

Better yet, save the hue for your walls! Our Culver City store has an entire display with this amazing red color; it instantly warms the space.  Another cool addition are the leaves of the Caladium, the perfect plant for any new Fall container.

IMG_9843 copy IMG_9848 copy

 Any of your rusted red florals will pop nestled in a metal tin! Add baskets to create a soft edge to the metal and add a cozier feel.  Baskets also make great pieces for piling up your pumpkins & Fall fruits!  Whether you're adding a touch of rusted red or already painting over you Summer-hued walls, we hope you immerse yourself in the Fall spirit & utilize the amazing colors the seasons has to offer. Happy Decorating!

Take a peek...Our Creative Director's Home!

How does she do it? That's what we asked our talented (and busy) creative director, Angela Hicks with regards to her immaculate, magazine-worthy home decor. Featuring beautiful found objects, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces and welcoming spaces, Angela’s home is a retreat full of warmth and character.

We sat down with Angela to learn more about her favorite pieces, how she defines her style, and where she finds inspiration in a busy world.


How would you describe your design and décor style?

 Angela: In three words I would call my style vintage, eclectic, and romantic.


What are some of your favorite pieces?

Angela: One of my favorite pieces is a vintage cabinet from Belgium. I also adore this concrete poodle from the 1930’s. Old paintings and antlers are always a favorite too.


What is your favorite space in your home?

Angela: I love my bedroom. It is so cozy and welcoming to come home to.


Where do find your inspiration?

Angela: I am always traveling and I love to hunt for that one special piece.



What one décor item could you not live without?

Angela: I absolutely could not live without this vintage chair with carved flowers.



What are your must-haves for your outdoor space?

Angela: Found planters always add a unique touch to any outdoor space. My favorite piece right now is an old birdbath planted with succulents. I have a vintage French patio set with bistro lights strung overhead. This is such an inviting space to sit in and enjoy the outdoors.


Thank you Angela for opening your home to us and sharing your favorite pieces and inspirations!!