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Halloween at Rolling Greens!

Time to get Spooky! Holidays are the best reasons to get creative and whip out seasonal decor. Our Halloween displays this year are to die for! (pun intended, but we don't house monster's so you're safe!) We hope you enjoy our bit of fun at our Los Angeles store, enjoy the spirit of the season, and stop by to explore the displays yourself!

IMG_9220 copy IMG_9229 copy

Spooky can be pretty, right?! Our Halloween display is crawling with fun accents & cool decor. We adore these glitter skulls; in black they're just the perfect amount of eerie goodness.

IMG_9233 copy IMG_9234 copy

Creepy crows in deep black and glittering spiders add texture and dimension to any Halloween display! Prop them on trees and ladders to add height and dimension to your decor!

IMG_9227 copyIMG_9235 copy

Glitter is obviously our statement making go-to this year. Not in to black so much? No problem! Ivory glitter & sequin encrusted skulls are contemporary, but still bring in the Halloween spirit. Beaded spiders in oil-like shades can still scare, but are much more unique & colorful!

IMG_9238 copy IMG_9247 copy

Adorn your dead tree branches with crows of all sizes; trick or treater's will fear for their lives! Better yet, display some very eerie skeletons in shades of black and ivory, covered in glitter. If their hanging mouths don't cause a scare, we don't know what will!

IMG_9256 copy IMG_9258 copy

Ladders of all shapes and sizes create unique and fun display racks. Shades of amber, browns, and striking black create the color palette we love this Halloween! Orange leaves doused in glitter are perfect for keeping around until Fall rolls into Winter!

IMG_9259 copyIMG_9267 copy

Itty-bitty pumpkin candles are way too cute to pass up! These are also another great piece to keep around for the season. Feeling a little fiery? These Fuego matches with our new skeleton friend on them are the perfect humorous touch!

IMG_9264 copy IMG_9270 copy IMG_9272 copy

Metallic brown votives are fun and super festive! Packages of bones are super versatile, whether creating a rustic vignette or something more on the spooky, gory side. They can also be painted when Winter comes around! Double duty decor is pretty awesome.

IMG_9292 copy IMG_9304 copy

There's plenty of pretty options for the not-so-spooky lovers. Shades of purple, pewter, and metallic accents are another way to stay festive this season! We love this display created by our super talented  Visual Team!

IMG_9312 copy IMG_9316 copyGlitter accents in deep red & purple arrangements are so fun! Our fancy spider friend is making another appearance to lure you into a visit. Our Los Angeles store is teeming with life, experience, and tons of new products. We hope you pay us a visit to experience the store & shop the collection!

Scents of Autumn.

Things get exciting when unique items arrive to stock our shelves! Our Los Angeles store now carries these amazing Paddywax Apothecary candles. These old world apothecary bottles in deep amber are filled with the perfect fragrance pairings & their hand-poured signature Soy Wax blend.

IMG_9886 copyIMG_9938 copy Tobacco & Patchouli is full of deep, masculine notes that capture the raw edge of Autumn. Chamomile & Fig hold fruity, calming notes.  Amber and Smoke captures the true scent of a day out in the woods.

IMG_9898 copyIMG_9940 copy

Three's a charm! Fruity Chamomile & Fig, Tobacco & Patchouli, and Amber & Smoke are three scents that make a statement.

IMG_9903 copy IMG_9909 copy IMG_9941 copy

We still can't get over how gorgeous these bottles are; the light looks amazing filtering through the deep amber when placed next to a window! Stop by our Los Angeles store to get a whiff and find the perfect scents for Autumn.

Color of the Season: Persimmon

Pers Inspo Pers Palette

Per·sim·mon: an edible fruit that resembles a large tomato and has very sweet flesh // a fiery, burnt orange.. and our color pick for Summer! The season is rapidly approaching, as is the weather here in California; 90-95 degrees already! We're lusting over innovative, bold color palettes and are hooked on this statement hue. 

Pair Persimmon with brights (like we did above) for a maximum Summer ambience, or if you're still afraid of taking the jump to an extremely bold palette, we suggest pairing with a light sea foam, tickled blush, and grey-beige. Whether you decide to paint an entire accent wall this amazing color, or just add a soap bar to your bath in this hue, we're giving you two thumbs up for incorporating Persimmon!

Our stores are already filled with stunning blooms and unique accent items in fiery Persimmon, we hope you come visit us to explore!

IMG_2791copy IMG_2759copy

Gerbera daisies display a simple beauty out on our patio // Olive & Tangerine soap bring in an essence of the orange hue and our Voluspa Baltic Amber candles are a neutral play on the color.

IMG_2808copy IMG_2802copy

Kalanchoes continue to blossom in the sun // Asiatic Lilies captivate us with their curves & delicate details

IMG_2798copy IMG_2776copy

Begonias capture the fiery hue perfectly with an ombre accent // A multi-patterned Kanthas throw adds appeal draped over a chair or couch

IMG_2745copy IMG_2743copy

Even our silk flowers make statements in Persimmon! A beautiful arrangement of these lovely Geraniums or Winsome Roses in a neutral container will add a dose of Summer sunshine. We hope you take the jump into the sea of bold colors and have fun incorporating Persimmon into your palette. Don't forget to come and visit our Los Angeles or Culver City location for more fiery hued piece.  Happy Decorating!

On Our Radar: Spring Trends

There's always a fresh change in landscape & interior design each year come Spring. Petals unfold, bright new textiles & patterns are introduced, and color palettes are packed with amazing new hues. Emerging trends keep us on our toes and become even more exciting when we put our own design spin into the mix!

Trends_ CharmingUrnAccents
Urns are popping up left and right; Pinterest makes no mistake about that.  We're in love with these Nouvelle Candle Company urn candles on our shelves. Charming packaging alongside a beautifully marbled container make the perfect piece for any side table or shelf.  Other ways to accent an urn? Pot your favorite succulents in an aged piece to add instant character to your garden.


Spring blooms and vibrant greenery are no longer strictly in the garden game. Our lush boxwood wreaths capture spring with a simple ribbon and lush greenery. Mixed fresh cut  florals make a pretty addition via Designlovefest  and  pretty air plants are an innovative alternative.

Trends_ Ethnic Tablewarecopy

Talavera plates made in Mexico are new additions to our Los Angeles store; we're obsessed! The dining table is a community space; one that should be bright and filled with good nature. Exquisitely ethnic pieces are sure to reset the ambience! If your space doesn't have a dining table, hang mismatched pieces on your wall to create a unique piece of art.

Check out what else we are swooning over on our Pinterest page!

The Boho Shop


Our Boho Shop encompasses the free-spirit of living with enchanting jewel tones and intricate details. With Spring around the corner, we can't help but be obsessed with the color saturation filling our homes. To bring a bit of Boho into your home, try adding a cluster of colorful candle votives or a vase full of silk flowers in sunset colors.


We can't stop obsessing over these amazing pillows! Mix and match the patterns to add interest and appeal to your couch or armchair.


These small lavender colored votives are perfect against a warm color palette.


Intricate silk florals in masculine tin containers create contrast & interest in the home.


Worn cherubs and oversized urns make great focal pieces in an entry way.


Indigo blue & white make a lovely pairing on this scarf.


Texture play always keeps things exciting! We love the idea of hanging antique art with silver pieces on a textured wall.


We hope you love the ambience of our Boho shop and visit our Los Angeles location to find out which piece best fits your own true-spirit's calling!