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Take a peek...Our Creative Director's Home!

How does she do it? That's what we asked our talented (and busy) creative director, Angela Hicks with regards to her immaculate, magazine-worthy home decor. Featuring beautiful found objects, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces and welcoming spaces, Angela’s home is a retreat full of warmth and character.

We sat down with Angela to learn more about her favorite pieces, how she defines her style, and where she finds inspiration in a busy world.


How would you describe your design and décor style?

 Angela: In three words I would call my style vintage, eclectic, and romantic.


What are some of your favorite pieces?

Angela: One of my favorite pieces is a vintage cabinet from Belgium. I also adore this concrete poodle from the 1930’s. Old paintings and antlers are always a favorite too.


What is your favorite space in your home?

Angela: I love my bedroom. It is so cozy and welcoming to come home to.


Where do find your inspiration?

Angela: I am always traveling and I love to hunt for that one special piece.



What one décor item could you not live without?

Angela: I absolutely could not live without this vintage chair with carved flowers.



What are your must-haves for your outdoor space?

Angela: Found planters always add a unique touch to any outdoor space. My favorite piece right now is an old birdbath planted with succulents. I have a vintage French patio set with bistro lights strung overhead. This is such an inviting space to sit in and enjoy the outdoors.


Thank you Angela for opening your home to us and sharing your favorite pieces and inspirations!!