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Caring for Your Agave!

Still having trouble with cultivating that green thumb? We've got the perfect plant, fit for neglecting (really, we aren't kidding!) The Agave! They love the garden life just as well as being potted in containers. Their love for containers makes them an easy plant to grow in varying weather conditions year round, since they're easily portable! Architectural rosettes complete with spiny, succulent leaves create Agaves in varying sizes, from a small 1-ft. plant to a gigantic 10-ft. wide Agave. We've got the basic tips & tricks for cultivating your own.    IMG_9634 copy

TIP 1 | Agave will tolerate any well-draining soil, but are favorable towards a rocky or sandy soil. When establishing your agave outdoors, water it every 4-5 days the first month and then once a week. After your agave has adapted, you can stretch to watering every other week. (since we all know this drought it causing  gardens to suffer!)

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TIP 2 | You don't need to feed these plants. Agave grow rather quickly and take care of themselves. (Which means: Yes! You can still grow Agave if you have a plant neglecting tendency! We won't tell.) When you feed your Agave, it tends to encouraging flowering, which you don't want to happen too soon.

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TIP 3 | Agave are shallow-rooted plants; you can grow them in most containers since they don't need much soil. Be sure to use the well-draining soil when potting in containers so they get appropriate drainage. Repot them every 2-3 years with new soil, they can produce sucker roots that start to overcrowd the space; just cut them back down to size. Let it readjust a week or so until you begin to water again.

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TIP 4 | Although the Agave may seem like problem-free plants, there's still a few things to be careful of. They need a tremendous amount of light; if they don't get enough, they can become weak and become prone to fungus or parasites. If they have too much water, they may start rotting; the pale blue desert-loving species are most susceptible

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Tip 5 | If you're a flowering succulent lover. This may not be the plant for you, since agave's flower only once and it usually signifies the end of the plant's life. Like we said, be careful with not feeding these plants. When they do flower, it's often quite impressive and allows you to collect the seed (which is also difficult to come by). Such a bittersweet time!

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With all the bases covered, you'll be an Agave-growing pro in no time! We hope you enjoyed a few more of the Rolling Greens Tips & Tricks. Time to head to the garden!