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DIY: Stenciled Wall

At Rolling Greens we take pride in how our stores look. We  hope to constantly be inspiring our customers with our creativity. While we were sad to see the holidays go and with it our seasonal displays, we always look forward to what new and exciting projects await.

We took the new year as an opportunity to re-design our Los Angeles store.  Our visual team has been working very hard to create new and inspiring rooms throughout the store. One project had them hand-stenciling a wall! It came out so well a customer even asked where we found the wallpaper. She was shocked to hear that it was hand done, so we thought we would share all the how-to's for this easy fun DIY home project!


We used Martha Stewart's stencil brushes from Home Depot and used Martha Stewart paint colors.

The gray is Bedford Grey and the ivory is called Gull.

We chose two different stencil designs to use together and measured out the wall, made all of our pencil markings and marked each square for each stencil.
... and so the stenciling began
While the project itself is rather easy, patience is needed to create the desired look!
Be sure to stop by our Los Angeles location to see all the new and creative projects that are sure to inspire you!