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New Year, New You! -- Resolutions/Tips to start fresh!

As we kick off 2015, many of us are thinking of the positive outcomes this year can have!Setting some goals and resolutions is a great way to go about it!


image1dr_1 Explore our Culver City location for a vast selection of plants and containers! Mix and match to create the perfect oasis all year long!


IMG_0099 copyIMG_6909 Whether it be baking or cooking, at our Los Angeles store you can wander Our Pantry, where you can find amazing cook books! Better your cooking skills or try unique recipes to wow! your guests this year!! Not to mention all the delicious cocktail books! ;)


GregsPinterest Pillows_5 copy Take on a creative project! Redecorate your home! Shop either of our locations or straight from our warehouse at our Culver City store. Add a special touch to every corner and nook of your home! A stunning light fixture to brighten a room or simply the perfect pillow to tie it all together!!

Here is to a productive and creative 2015!

Thank you for a great 2014!

A few days shy from welcoming 2015, we want to go back and recap a great 2014!This year we had plenty to be excited and thankful for! We gave a kick start to our pop-up shop events as well as meeting and partnering with a ton of great companies! The rebuild of our Culver City barn! + our cheerful holiday events!!


Early this year we experienced a tough time at our Culver City location. Our 1st floor green house or the barn as we like to refer to it suffered damaged during an accidental fire. We were very lucky no one was hurt and very thankful from all the great support we received from our customers and friends! We were able to rebuild the barn and had it up in an running a few months after!

As the Summer rolled in our team was hard at work planning our first ever pop-up shop event, the Los Angeles Summer Marketplace, held at our Los Angeles store.

IMG_0707 copy

We met some great people and amazing businesses through our first pop-up shop event, which was a great success!!

IMG_0696 copy

As we closed out the Summer we started prepping for our favorite time of year! The Winter holidays!

We held Holiday Premieres at both stores, where customers got a first-chance to shop our unique holiday collections of decor and gifts!


Guests get to wander our store spaces to view our artistic holiday installations, some of the favorites this year were our classic Winter Wonderland and our rendition of a Paris Flea Market

paris 3

We closed out 2014 with our second pop-up shop event! Keeping with momentum of our Paris Flea Market collection our Los Angeles Holiday Bazaar event came about!


We invited great new business as well as some of the vendors that took part of our first event! While the afternoon was chilly, many guests enjoyed some afternoon shopping and some warm treats!


While our year might have started rocky... we can say we had a great year with a fabulous outcome + met amazing people along the way! Can't wait for 2015  + we'd love for you to be part of it!!

The Garden: A Blooming New Year

Happy New Year!

What better way to welcome the new year, than with the joy of being surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers. At our Culver City location you get just that... and a bit more!


Exploring hidden nooks in our nursery and discovering exquisite flowers to inspire your next gardening project, all while over looking the city of Los Angeles, is a unique experience we hope all our customers can take part of.



Mixing and matching plants and flowers is such a fun task, while it can as well be a bit challenging, due to plant and floral care, there is always a knowledgeable associate to answer any questions.


While bringing in the new year, we are huge enthusiasts of bringing in a pop of color. Make sure to check out some of our colorful blooms!




To give your garden a more natural or rustic look, visit our succulent section! We have succulents in various sizes.


Best wishes for a great 2014 and happy gardening from all of us at Rolling Greens!

See You Next Year!

As the holidays approach and the year comes to an end, here at Rolling Greens, we want to make your holidays a bit more joyful!

What better way to spend a warm evening in, than wrapping gifts while enjoying this delicious Classic Hot Chocolate, featured in one of our favorite books, Winter Cocktails, by Maria del Mar Sacasa.


winter cocktails2

You can try making this recipe a bit more fun, by making the marshmallows from scratch! You can find a recipe for them in this great book as well!


winter cocktails3


We wish you happy holidays and a great New Year!

We will be back with more amazing posts to share in January 2014!

Happy wrapping and happy sipping from all of us at Rolling Greens!!