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Our Winter Garden!

Have you taken a stroll through our winter garden at our Culver City store?!Corners + nooks filled with beauty... and better yet beauty that you can take back to create your own idyllic garden!

IMG_7125 Lavender is always a favorite! While it can create a lovely filler in your garden it also serves many purposes! It is great for culinary use, as well as it serving a medicinal use! Not to mention it is just so lovely!

IMG_7132 You can also find this lovely gem! From the polygala family, this fringed beauty is sometimes referred to as the "petite butterfly" for it's unique blooming shape!

IMG_7134 Another blooming favorite is the Leptospermum. Stunning shrubs that you can find blooming with white, pink or red petals!

IMG_7136 Also in our gardens you can find some of our succulent faves! Like this Sedum Angelina! These striking golden-yellow leaves that develop a beautiful cascading habit if they are planted in a pot, can add a bright touch to your garden!

IMG_7142 IMG_7139 You can find several different variations of succulents in our gardens as well as a large array of plants suited for every season, garden type or better yet your unique vision!

Our knowledgeable staff can guide you to find the perfect plants + pots for your home!