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12 Days of Gifting -- On Day 8 Gather around the table!

12_8_14_bistro_chairs_sqthe perfect chairs for the perfect dinner with the perfect company!


V E N D O R  | S P O T L I G H T check out some of the amazing vendors you can find at our Holiday Bazaar on December 13 from 2pm-6pm at our Los Angeles store.

Hulma_1Hulma was born through the special love of two friends for dainty, minimalist jewelries. Here, it is all about handcrafted, keep-forever, everyday pieces that are simple and understated. Our jewelry can be worn with everything from casual wear to dressy attires. Our delicate pieces can be worn on their own or stacked together for a bolder effect. This will allow you guys to express your own personal taste and character through accessorizing.

12 Days of Gifting -- Seven stars to brighten your tree!

12_07_14_snowflakes_sqlittle details are what make the holidays exceptional!


V E N D O R  | S P O T L I G H T check out some of the amazing vendors you can find at our Holiday Bazaar on December 13 from 2pm-6pm at our Los Angeles store.

img_agsALL GOOD sauce "Let’s get this out of the way right now: we LOVE spicy food! American, Chinese, Mexican, Korean, Italian…the cuisine doesn’t matter. When we eat, we like to turn up the heat! Our diverse heritage and palates left us wishing for a hot sauce that would complement anything and everything. And, because we were just plain tired of carrying around various bottles of different hot sauces to pair with all of our favorite foods, (Yes, we did that.) we decided to cook up our own. So we went to work to craft a singular sauce that would punch up the flavors of any food our culinary impulses craved. Since our sauce was intended as a treat for ourselves, we made it the best way possible with all-natural, whole ingredients. The recipe contains NO added sugar, preservatives, coloring, concentrate, or xanthan gum — all the junky stuff commonly found in commercial hot sauces. Family and friends raved about our concoction. “You should totally bottle this!” they exclaimed. And, so we did. After spending months perfecting our sauce, we brainstormed for a name for our baby — something that said no matter how it’s used, it’s going to make food taste better. And thus, ALL GOOD Sauce was born! Our hot sauce is one heck of a versatile condiment. Folks from Barcelona to Los Angeles to Tokyo are loving it as we speak. It’s made with fresh, wholesome ingredients. And to top it off, it's delicious and delivers an intense kick that makes the taste buds dance through notes of sweetness and fruity delight, followed by a tangy burst finish that heats up all corners of the mouth!"

12 Days of Gifting...Good things come in threes!

12_03_14_OrnamentsThe perfect trimmings for your tree!


L O S   A N G E L E S  | H O L I D A Y   B A Z A A R check out our Holiday Bazaar on December 13 from 2pm-6pm at our Los Angeles store.

bazaar-IG-follow our hashtags on instagram to see who will be there and sneak peaks of our prep!

Winter Wonderland!

"A beautiful sight...walking in a winter wonderland."

This holiday season we have converted our Culver City  nursery into a beautiful Winter Wonderland, full of glitter, frost, and lots of shimmer, giving our Southern California location some snowy joy!


Frosted covered trees and an array of silver, white and clear-glass ornaments fill our nursery, under twinkling lights, creating a magical experience.



These beautiful glitter and wooden deer are sure to be the perfect accent in your home this holiday season.



Unique ornaments, such as these frosted hearts and these tarnished birds, are the ideal addition to your Christmas tree.


Visit our Culver City nursery to explore our 'Winter Wonderland', to find unique ornaments, decor, and much more!

From all of us at Rolling Greens, Happy Decorating!