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Our Winter Garden!

Have you taken a stroll through our winter garden at our Culver City store?!Corners + nooks filled with beauty... and better yet beauty that you can take back to create your own idyllic garden!

IMG_7125 Lavender is always a favorite! While it can create a lovely filler in your garden it also serves many purposes! It is great for culinary use, as well as it serving a medicinal use! Not to mention it is just so lovely!

IMG_7132 You can also find this lovely gem! From the polygala family, this fringed beauty is sometimes referred to as the "petite butterfly" for it's unique blooming shape!

IMG_7134 Another blooming favorite is the Leptospermum. Stunning shrubs that you can find blooming with white, pink or red petals!

IMG_7136 Also in our gardens you can find some of our succulent faves! Like this Sedum Angelina! These striking golden-yellow leaves that develop a beautiful cascading habit if they are planted in a pot, can add a bright touch to your garden!

IMG_7142 IMG_7139 You can find several different variations of succulents in our gardens as well as a large array of plants suited for every season, garden type or better yet your unique vision!

Our knowledgeable staff can guide you to find the perfect plants + pots for your home!

Your Ideal Garden!

Sometimes while searching for the perfect garden, you find your own! Here at Rolling Greens, we have just the right items for YOUR perfect garden!

Our Culver City nursery, houses a large variety of pots and containers, where you are sure to find the right fit to your ideal garden. As well as an extensive selection of flowers and plants to complete your perfect gardening vision!

rustic touch

Adding stone and stone-like textured containers give the perfect rustic, nature look! Think of pairing with some of our great desert plants, such as cacti and our all-time favorite succulents.


add a modern twist

These European Form, sleek white, gray and black containers give a modern look to your garden.


charming accents

For a lovely charming garden take a look at our French-detailed containers, plant with a topiary and display alone or plant with matching topiaries and set on each side of your doorway to create a remarkable entryway.


Come in today and our talented staff will help you select the perfect container for your ideal garden!

The Garden: A Blooming New Year

Happy New Year!

What better way to welcome the new year, than with the joy of being surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers. At our Culver City location you get just that... and a bit more!


Exploring hidden nooks in our nursery and discovering exquisite flowers to inspire your next gardening project, all while over looking the city of Los Angeles, is a unique experience we hope all our customers can take part of.



Mixing and matching plants and flowers is such a fun task, while it can as well be a bit challenging, due to plant and floral care, there is always a knowledgeable associate to answer any questions.


While bringing in the new year, we are huge enthusiasts of bringing in a pop of color. Make sure to check out some of our colorful blooms!




To give your garden a more natural or rustic look, visit our succulent section! We have succulents in various sizes.


Best wishes for a great 2014 and happy gardening from all of us at Rolling Greens!