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Spotlight: Explore our greenhouses!

Oh all the beauty inside one place!

Our greenhouses are filled with some of the most stunning flowers and plants to fill your home.

Our Culver City nursery, focuses more on home gardening, which is why we have two large greenhouses for you to explore!

At the very top of the hill, you will find our main floor, full of mesmerizing flowers!


Exquisite orchids fill tables upon tables, of all different colors and sizes.


Inside our Culver City location's 1st floor greenhouse you can also find one of signature Arrangement Bars, what better than to chose your flowers and have one of our Baristas create a beautiful arrangement for you!

culver 2

You can wander while taking in all of the bright colors, sure to inspire your next floral arrangement, like you see here with our colorful Bromeliads.


Strolling down the hill to the 3rd floor, you will find a greenhouse that holds our large selection of Indoor Plants and Specialty Foliage.


We hold a large selection of indoor plants, of all sizes, perfect to fill any space in your home! Come in and see our indoor specialists JP and Alex, they will be sure to give you some great tips!

Visiting our Los Angeles store?

While not as big, our greenhouse in our L.A store is quite the sight.


A cornered greenhouse holds a variety of interior plants, beautiful orchids as well as a selection of containers, for the perfect planting project!


A collection of plants sit along side an exposed-brick wall, adding character to our charming greenhouse.

From all of us at Rolling Greens, we can't wait to see you, happy exploring!

Gardening Resolutions: How to be a better gardener!

One of the most common New Year's resolutions is to take on a new project for the year, what better project than your garden!! Here at Rolling Greens we dare to say we have an exceptional knowledgeable staff with mighty green thumbs and a lot of helpful tips!

To begin, decide on what kind of garden you are trying to achieve and how much time you want to dedicate to it!

Colorful, desert feel, low maintenance, all year blooming, seasonal?


For an instant pop of color to your garden, exploring our large selection of already blooming plants is your best bet. Since these plants already have some blooms to them, you can see what colors are the perfect fit in your garden!


Going for a more desert look or a more rustic look? Looking into our selection of succulents and cacti will create your perfect garden. Aside giving a very simple nature look these plants are as well very low maintenance.

Stop by our Culver City nursery and speak to one of our helpful associates, they will guide you in choosing the right plants and flowers, as well as giving you great tips on how to care for them!

Or if you are in the neighborhood of our L.A store, stop by and browse our collection of gardening books, sure to help you with your New Year's project.


For more ideas, stop by one of our locations, explore our gardens and get some helpful tips from our friendly staff!