Succulent Installation: STRIIIKE

RG_striiike_03 The official start of Spring is just a few weeks away, and our busy season has just begun! As we all look forward to longer days filled with sunshine (and hopefully some rain), many people are ready to revamp their yards and outdoor living spaces for the year - especially here in Southern California, where summer begins early and ends late. Today we're sharing a fun, colorful succulent installation our team recently did for the gorgeous STRIIIKE Salon.


STRIIIKE came to us wanting more of a "Palm Springs" look in what was then a very dark corridor. We knew that simply by removing the overgrown (and in some places dead) plant material, they’d already see a vast improvement, but we took it a step further. The white rocks brightened the space, and a simple ribbon of green/grey/purple succulents gave a sweet interest to the space.


In keeping with our mission to save water at every installation we do, we laid down drip irrigation directly around our plantings. Separator fabric went down next, to keep the soil from splashing up onto the bright rocks.





Overall, this was a small installation, but the difference in the before and after photos makes it clear exactly how much a change in landscape can add to a space. If you're looking to add some color to your space for spring, check out our Landscape page for more info or email!