Springtime Al Fresco Dining

Spring is in the air and it’s the perfect time to host the al fresco dinner party you’ve always wanted! Continue reading below to learn a little more on how to host the perfect al fresco dinner party.

Monica Wang Photography

Monica Wang Photography

Table Setting

The table setting is a crucial part to the aesthetic of your al fresco dinner party. It is the first thing that people will notice when they sit down. The best place to start with is a table cloth. Try to go with a color that fits the occasion or theme of the dinner. If you are hosting a dinner for a graduation, keep the colors of the school that the graduate is attending in mind. If it is for a wedding, make note of what the colors or theme of the wedding is and stick with that. If there is no specific celebration, have fun with it, but stick to a theme. You don’t want to stray too far from your core ideas. Consider thinking about outside factors such as what time of year it is. Spring time would be the perfect time to experiment with pastels! Once you have found the perfect tablecloth to fit your occasion, pick a centerpiece. Flowers make for the perfect focal point of your table, so check out your local nursery to see what flowers are in season!

Monica Wang Photography

Monica Wang Photography



Light up the night with some candles or lights throughout the table. This will make the setting more intimate and allow you and your guests to see each other when the sun sets. Take the indoors outdoors. Using furniture from inside to your table setting outside will make for a cozier setting. Guests will feel comfortable and enjoy themselves in this unique setting. Lastly, set up a second place to serve food and drinks that is outside. This way guests will not have to travel back inside when looking to get seconds.



Hosting can be a lot of work so make it stress free by calling in catering! The Kitchen For Exploring Foods has an amazing team that will create the meal of your dreams.


If you are looking for accessories to dress up your table for an al fresco dinner party, shop our home decor section to find everything you need! You can also host your dinner party at any of our stores. Our Beverly store makes for a great place to host baby showers, bridal parties, and more. Our new Mateo location opening this summer will also make for an incredible venue for weddings!  Learn more about our private event services here

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